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paul owen
8-Feb-2004, 04:40
Just thought some of you who appreciate quality may be interested in the updated Ebony web site. Under "Cameras" it has photos and specifications of some amazing custom-built cameras including 10x8 and 20x24! Worth a look/drool even if the bank balance won't stretch that far!

Roger Hein
8-Feb-2004, 05:55
Too bad they haven't expanded their 'RW' series beyond 4x5.

David R Munson
8-Feb-2004, 12:01
Is that legal? There's got to be a law against things like that existing while I have no possible means of buying one short of selling a kidney to finance it. And I'll second the sentiment that there needs to be more than a 4x5 RW. I'd do terrible things for a 5x7 RW.

Richard Fenner
8-Feb-2004, 12:20
They could have at least added asymetrical movements to the 20x24 - how hard can it be to tilt the rear of a 30kg camera?

David, what's the practical difference between the (imaginary) RW57 and the SV57? The SV seems slightly heavier than I guess the RW57 might come in, but not greatly so. I was also amazed by the SLW810 - up to 360mm lenses only and with only front movements, but weighing only 3.2kg (7lb).

Ed Candland
8-Feb-2004, 15:07
The difference between the RW45 and SV45 is about $1k+. I would Imagine that's the biggest difference for many and would be the same for a 5x7 or 8x10.

8-Feb-2004, 17:25
Cool stuff from Ebony esp the 2x3 cameras. But...why would anyone want an 8x10 with no swings on either end and no rear moves at all? It's nice looking and lightweight but....and the 20x24....at 66+ lbs and no geared tilts....I guess if the 8x10 is their economy model they might have some buyers...but the 20x24 must be around $20,000+ bucks...I'd like to have one... but I could also use a new car.

George Hart
9-Feb-2004, 01:11
FYI Ian Wilson replied as follows when I asked him last November about the possibility of an RW57:

"As for an "RW57", it is definitely going to happen next year, but I'm not sure when. Hiromi is now costing all the parts and will be building a prototype shortly. It will be different in design to the RW45, but that's all I can say right now! As soon as the prototype is complete (there will be 4x5 and 8x10 versions too) I will inform the dealers of the prices, and Hiromi will start production. I should think that he will try to have the prototype ready for IPPF, the Japanese photography trade show which is in March, but I don't know how soon after that it will enter full production. As soon as it does I'm sure you'll hear all about it on the bulletin boards!

Best wishes,


So David et al, the RW57 is on its way!

Richard Fenner
9-Feb-2004, 01:17
Emile, the very popular RSW45 doesn't have swings or rear movements either.

Christopher Condit
9-Feb-2004, 14:58
A while back I asked Robert White about Ebony 5x7's in general, and he said he had sold at the outermost perhaps a total of one, ever. In the end I decided to go monorail, and my Toho took 12 weeks to arrive. I suspect that many 5x7 cameras are in effect special order only -- we are a VERY select group. ;-)

Of course I have totally fallen in love with 5x7... who wouldn't?

Michael J. Kravit
9-Feb-2004, 19:17
A close friend has an Ebony 57SU. It is an amazing camera. Looks like a slightly bigger version of my 45SUE. I must say that is was smooth as silk. Perhaps someday he will give it to me as a gift.