View Full Version : Schneider Kreuznach 420mm f9 Repo Claron!

7-Feb-2004, 16:04
Hi again, I am looking at this lens which is up for bid on ebay. I have 240mm for my 8x10 and was looking for a longer lens but have not been able to rob a bank yet so I keep looking and this one shows up. Can anyone give me some first hand experience about this lens. I would appreciate any feedback you care to give. Thanks again,

arthur berger
8-Feb-2004, 08:37
I have owned a 420 ( 16 1/2" ) Schneider Repro-claron lens for many years.The lens is extremely sharp and I have been very happy with it. I originally got it for my 8 x 10, but I also use it as a somewhat long lens on 5 x 7. It is multicoated, whereas the artars are single coated . IMHO every bit as good as and possibly better than an artar. Mine came factory mounted in a copal 3 shutter and takes 55mm filter threads. good luck