View Full Version : Metal Graphic viewing hood on Linhof Technika

Emil Ems
16-Feb-1999, 11:19
I own a Linhof Technika V 4x5 and have often been swearing about the poor functi oning of the leather viewing hood. Recently I read Stephen Gandy's articles abou t Linhof on his homepage cameraquest.com. Several times, he mentioned there the merits of grafting a Graphic 4x5 metal viewing hood onto the Linhof revolving Gr aflok back.

Stimulated by this idea, I recently acquired a used Graphic metal hood. However, I found it to be quite impossible to mount that hood on the Linhof back, the di mensions just aren't right. Has anyone else read Stephen's ideas and actually su cceeded in doing what he proposes? I would be extremely interested in the type o f conversion work needed.

17-Feb-1999, 10:56
Emil, I'm very interested in this modification too, so if you find anything more please e-mail me. I've even seen a modified tech like the one cameraquest describes for sale but that was a few years back. It may be a very specific brand of graphic hood that fits. So much for the term Universal Graflok back huh?

Brian Ellis
18-Feb-1999, 18:13
I also own a Tech V and read Stephen Gandy's article with interest. FWIW, I didn't think he meant that you could just use the Graphic viewing hood on the Linhof. I thought he meant that you perhaps could take the metal parts from the interior of the Graphic hood (i.e. those parts that fold out and form the hood itself - sorry I don't know the technical term)and somehow use them to replace the leather stuff in the Linhof hood. Also, I didn't think he said he had done this or knew for sure that it could be done - I thought he was just suggesting it as something to think about and maybe try. You might contact him directly and ask him. I had some other question about the article recently and found his e mail address by doing a search for his name in Deja News. He replied very quickly. I agree that the Linhof hood is useless except as an expensive ground glass cover. I'd like to know what more you find out about this topic. Brian

3-May-2011, 19:17
Just to update this thread, as i just done this conversion for Technika V . Turns out - all you need is holding hood from Graphics. Get it, grind away wee "ears" on sides, clean metal a bit to shiny aluminum

Then you need to take Technika back off the camera, grab tiny head flat screwdriver and start unscrewing small bolts that are on the "inside" if you open hood (i.e on side opposite to frensel/groundglass. There should be about about 3 on short sides, 4 on long side. Take care to not scratch glass while doing this. The you just carefully unscrew two bolts visible from very same side that hold loaded spring that pops hood open.. Then whole assembly with old crappy leather and shiny (or not so shiny) flap goes off..

So you just grab you graphic metal hood and quite happly insert it the very same space. There will be some extra space along both of longest sides - first of all remember that you need those to pop hood up, but if you feel bad about it - you can line it up with some black cloth material. I dont see much point as metal hood isnt exactly light tight anyway.

To hold it in place (remember that talk about grinding bits of metal base?) you can use any kind of glue, even though fit is tight enough for hood to not fall out right away.

As finishing touch you can pop badge from original flap and glue it on the top of your new "iron man" converted flap ;) Wait for glue (if you did it) to dry and you ready to shoot.

Frank Petronio
3-May-2011, 19:26
That's what I've done too, works well.

The same hood fits older Sonar backs as well.