View Full Version : Toyo 45AX focusing track "grinding" issue

Daniel Stone
29-Jun-2012, 20:13
Got a Toyo 45AX(folding field) the other day, but upon finally getting a few mins to check it out(well, call it a 1st date), I noticed that the front extension seems to be grinding against a small piece of metal underneath the track.

Was this a design flaw on the part of Toyo? One side has this little piece, the other side is fine. Hmmm... The camera was a good(IMO) price, but I don't really want to have to send it in for repair, and I'm not the "lube fixes everything" or "wd-40 it" kinda guy...

Any ideas?


Brian C. Miller
29-Jun-2012, 21:26
I have a 45AX.

Grinding? It should be smooth as silk, and shouldn't contact anything. Sounds like something got stuck in there that shouldn't be there.

29-Jun-2012, 23:00
Any ideas?

Send it to MAC.

They did good work on my Toyo. Fair price.


Greg Davis
30-Jun-2012, 06:07
I don't know these camas well, but can you not take it apart and see what it is?

30-Jun-2012, 06:25
Just a guess, but the Toyo's (can) have accessory focus stops. These are generally installed in pairs, and are tightened into place at the desired location with a set screw. They have little "flippers" that can be flipped up (to provide a stop for the lens at the correct point) or flip down out of the way to allow the camera to be focused. Is it possible that one of these "flippers" has been partially flipped up so that it is rubbing on the underside of the the front extension? The flippers are on very tiny hinges, and I can imagine that they could get easily gummed up and remain partially extended. If you have a small enough hex key for the set screw (.05" ??) you could just remove it or move it to the front of the track.


Daniel Stone
30-Jun-2012, 09:38
hey guys,

I posted this last night, so I didn't get a chance to include any pictures until I had time this morning.

here's some showing the "grinding" away of material on the sliding part of the bed on one side, the other side being unaffected(I'd assume because there isn't the small protruded part underneath the sliding bed that presumably keeps the bed sliding straight?(See 3rd picture)

The 3rd picture shows the small piece(in the red circle), its the best I could do to show it. Its underneath the sliding bed.





Peter De Smidt
30-Jun-2012, 09:48
That's not how it should be.

Daniel Stone
30-Jun-2012, 10:10
I thought so. I'll call up MAC group on Monday and see if they can direct me in the right direction. Fingers crossed its not a serious(ala expen$ive) issue... Maybe my local repair guy can do some magic on it... We'll see...


30-Jun-2012, 13:28
Does the bed lock, perchance, lock against that part of the track? Perhaps the bed was forced when the bed lock was on?? If it were mine I'd apply a "dry" teflon lubricant and see if it clears things up. Alloy can be sensitive that way.

30-Jun-2012, 13:29
p.s. I can't see clearly the last pic you posted, but using the imortal words of Peter J. DeSchmidt...