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Joseph Dickerson
29-Jun-2012, 16:44
Hi All,

Does anyone know the weight of the Toyo D45M, the grey one.

I can't find the specs for this thing anywhere. :confused:

Also, am I right in thinking that the current bellows and lens boards will fit?

Thanks in advance,


29-Jun-2012, 20:44
Hi Joe,

My D45Ms - green and black - are in Japan, and I'm in India now, so I can't give you exact weights, but I think it weighs 2~2.5kg with the standard rail. The current bellows, lens boards and backs will fit. It is a bit difficult to fit the bellows to the very early D45 - it needs some wiggling. The early bellows had a thin metal frame, and new ones have a wider plastic frame.


Joseph Dickerson
30-Jun-2012, 07:50


Rod Klukas
30-Jun-2012, 13:17
These were good cameras, but fragile, The frame supports are cast aluminum and if broken, are not replaceable except by canibilizing another body. The H is similar and shares the rails as well. They are heavier than earlier quoted though-6lbs plus with full rail mounted(17"+).
A 45D, 45F or 45C might be a better choice. They all use current rails, boards, bellows etc. The 45F, and C hanve interchangeable bellows.

30-Jun-2012, 20:41
I checked my mail, and found that I had written to someone about its weight. It weighs ~2.75 kg. with 12" rail.

I don't agree that they are fragile. I've never seen one with broken frame supports, and believe me, I've seen, used and sold quite a few of these wonderful cameras. I have no idea of the "H" camera Rod speaks of. I've not seen this designation in Japan. Perhaps it's a US version?

The 45C uses polycarbonate frames and base blocks - not as rugged as the metal ones used by the other models. It also comes with a fixed 450mm rail as standard. This rail cannot be extended, making the purchase of short and regular rails mandatory almost immediately.

The 45D and 45E come with a fixed standard bellows - no way to change them unless you send the camera back to Toyo.

All these versions were marketed mainly in the non-Japanese market. In Japan, the Toyo G series is the one generally sold.


3-Jul-2012, 11:56
I would just like to say that the D45M (that B.S.Kumar sold me) is anything but fragile. I toss all the parts in my backpack and just lug it around. I didn't have the money for a field camera, and the Toyo monorail disassembles nicely. BTW, it takes the 158mm square lens boards.