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Paul Schilliger
7-Feb-2004, 05:39
Maybe someone can help: My Tele-Xenar Compound does not work any more in T and B mode. That is because the shutter blades stay open instead of returning to their normal position, which is shut. I made a careful inspection of the mechanism and I can see no spring whatsoever that I think, should be here to force the rotating mechanism to return to it's place when it is released from the "open" position. With other speeds, the mechanism is actioned by a cam and it works fine. Before considering an expensive two ways overseas shipping to SK Grimes Associates, for a lens I hardly use, could there be someone who could confirm my diagnosis? Thanks!

Arne Croell
7-Feb-2004, 07:50

its been a while since I had one open, but as far as I remember there is a spring, somewhere on the lower left side looking from the front (not 100% sure about the location). It is not very strong, so grit between the rotating cam and the shutter body easily stops it. That was at least the reason for a similar problem I had.

Paul Schilliger
7-Feb-2004, 08:48
Hi Arne,

Thanks! I could locate the spring wire now, or at least what is left of it. It is at the bottom right and there is a cam that needs being removed to see it. All I need is find some of that thin spring wire to make a new one... but where?!!!

Paul Schilliger
7-Feb-2004, 08:51
By the way, I just cleaned the whole shutter. The iris blades were sticky with oil. Does it mean that the shutter needs some lubricating?

7-Feb-2004, 09:21
Amazing -- they don't have any camera repairmen in Switzerland.

Paul Schilliger
7-Feb-2004, 09:48
... Bill, there might, but when it comes to LF and especially Compound shutters, they could charge you what Grimes & Co would ask for a complete refurbishing just to tell you that this is old odd gear and cannot be repaired. LF is still seen here as a high bill technique, or as a costly hobby for rich individuals, unno:"the rich doctor and his Linhof". The "pro" prices for new gear are significantly higher than what anyone would pay in the States. Passionates with little means like me have to resort to other sources and I have long abandoned the local market!

7-Feb-2004, 10:11
Paul, that's really sad. When I got my 360mm Tele-Xenar the Compound shutter worked at only one speed (plus T&B). I just took it down to my local camera store and their repairman, who's been there for some 30 years, said to check back in a week. The CLA cost $35, and it now works perfectly. He said that it was a real pleasure for him to work on fine equipment, not just on all the electronic garbage that keeps him busy. (PS, the kind of work you do -- they should be proud to help keep your equipment in repair.)

Paul Schilliger
7-Feb-2004, 11:04
Bill, thanks for the comment. I envy the way LF has democratized in the US! It's far from being the case here and the market is too small, really. It's like if I wanted a pair of skis to be repaired somewhere in Kenya (...or is it Tanzania?) to enjoy the slopes of the Kilimanjaro. That said, I would not rule out the possibility that some dinosaur is still alive somewhere, more likely on the german side, and committed to old fashioned gear. If someone knows of an efficient and cost effective service, please let me know!

Ole Tjugen
8-Feb-2004, 08:23
Paul, have you checked with Lotus View Camera in Austria? They offer some repair services, and are very nice people to deal with. I know what answer Schneider will give you, so I wouldn't consider them unless you want an as-new lens at slightly more than as-new price...

Paul Schilliger
8-Feb-2004, 12:51
Ole, thanks for the suggestion. I will keep this in mind for the next time I need some service.

As for now, I could fix my shutter with a spare spring and it is serviced and clean. Mounting the iris blades was, as you would expect, a bit tricky!