View Full Version : Requesting a source for 5X7 Plus-X sheet film

John W. Randall
6-Feb-2004, 11:23
Can anyone on this forum provide a source for 5X7 Plus-X sheet film?

I've tried: Badger. Nope. B+H. Nope. J+C. Nope. Calumet. Nope. Photogizzmo. Nope. Midwest. Nope.

120 size is available. Midwest has 4X5, but no 5X7. There's a fellow on that auction site selling bulk cut-it-yourself film possibly similar to Plus-X - but I'm reluctant to get into the manufacturing end of film at this point.

If you folks know of a solid source for this size, I'd be happy to know of it.

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards, John W. Randall

Sidney Cammeresi
6-Feb-2004, 11:29
I believe Kodak discontinued Plus-X in sheet film sizes.

tim atherton
6-Feb-2004, 11:31
aren't I correct in thinking Plus-X was discontinued in sheet sizes?

tim atherton
6-Feb-2004, 11:45
not sure if these guys "really" have it in stock http://www.eastcoastphoto.com/ also Central Camera in Chicago did have some, but that was a while back.

Your best bet is FP4....

John Kasaian
6-Feb-2004, 11:48
Try Photo Warehouse or Freestyle's "house brand" ISO 125 ( Ilford-oid FP4+or-) its probably as close as you'll get to Plus X. ------Cheers!

Bob Fowler
6-Feb-2004, 11:49
From Kodak's website:

"KODAK PLUS-X Pan and PLUS-X Pan Professional Films are discontinued. As a recommended alternative for roll formats, we suggest KODAK PROFESSIONAL PLUS-X 125 Film / 125PX . For sheet film we suggest KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 100 Film / 100TMX Film . For more information, see KODAK Publications F-4016 , KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX Films and F-4018 , KODAK PROFESSIONAL PLUS-X 125 Film."

No more Plus-X sheet films... :-(

I loved that stuff...

tim atherton
6-Feb-2004, 11:49
www.samys.com also lists it - again - it may not actually be in stock, but when I tried 5x7 they were one of the few places that usually had it in

John Kasaian
6-Feb-2004, 12:15
A sobering thought---if Plus-X has left, can Tri-X be far behind?? Was that new dust-less coating facitity Kodak built destined for T-MAX only? More importantly, since Kodak has effectively gone from being the GM of sheet film to a niche within a niche market, will the price of TMAX 400 become more affordable or will it remain at a premium? I only shoot it when I need it's excellent reciprocity characteristics. If the rest of amateur market does the same, I doubt that it would be worth Kodak's while to continue to make it, at least in 8x10 since I can't imagine the Pros being a large enough market either since they mainly have gone to digital. Are we becoming "Generation X-less?"

Mark Sampson
6-Feb-2004, 12:39
John, the sky is NOT falling... Tri-X has substantially outsold Plus-X forever and is still Kodak's most popular b/w film. Not likely to be discontinued anytime soon.

Donal Taylor
6-Feb-2004, 13:00
"Not likely to be discontinued anytime soon."

and that statement is based on what exactly? A firmly held belief that it matters to Kodak that Tri-X is it's most poular B&W film - lets see - B&W+Sheet film - probably some of Kodak's least important product lines.

Or perhaps it's based on faith in Kodak's long history of making (the correct) logical decisions about it's product lines, that take into account the requirments and needs of it's customers.

Unfortunatley, you could say with equal confidence that there is a good chance that kodak will discontinue Tri-X sheet film with no warning and for no obvious logical reason at absolutley any time.

Michael Kadillak
6-Feb-2004, 15:08
Come on guys. I distinctly remember many heated discussions at least five years ago on the previous edition of this forum that started with "5X7 B&W film will not be around long, you better stock up NOW" and concluded that all manufacturers would abandon B&W sheet film because they could not make enough money or there was not enough sales to keep producing it. Horsepucky. We not only have a full spectrum of 5x7 film in both color and B&W, but there is more selection of all sized quality films that I can remember.

Stop getting quiver lipped about film supplies and get out of the house and do the best thing that we can all do to mitigate this situation - burn some film. Even in the unlikely event that Kodak stopped producing sheet film altogether, I would be more than happy with Efke (the Croations that produce Efke must be dancing in the streets with sales of sheet film in this country) and Ilford. We could be in far worse shape so lets count our blessings and stay positive. Cheers!

wm mitchell
7-Feb-2004, 08:18
From EK's viewpoint, it may be that T-Max's introduction may have made Plus-X unnecessary [TMX's better grain and all that] ....

In my view, should you find another EK substitute to your liking, such as TMX, it's best to systematically add extra Kodak 5x7 boxes to your supply . I wouldn't trust the bean counters who are -- and have been -- running that corporation. Should EK decide one day to discontinue 5x7, at least you could be in a position to have enough for your needs well into the future. Having said that, remember that Ilford & Efke are still available in 5x7, and my guess is that they'll outlast Kodak in B&W offerings. Finally, it wouldn't surprise me one day to see Kodak's B&W division sold off to someone else, but such action doesn't guarantee 5x7 film's existence with that new owner.


Wm. Mitchell

David F. Stein
7-Feb-2004, 09:23
We do have many emulsions but "consumers" have let lapse 3 superb emulsions: Verichrome Pan; Ektapan and Plus-X in recent years. When things sort out a bit more, perhaps FOMA and Fortepan will offer their emulsions in 5x7 as Efke and Ilford do. I do see Freestyle, J and C, B &H carrying almost all imaginable super-size formats: 7x11, 11x14, 8x20, 12x20, whatever.

David A. Goldfarb
7-Feb-2004, 10:17
If you like 5x7" Ektapan, B&H still had some in stock not too long ago, but it's not on their website. You'll want to call and ask them to check in the store. I was buying some in 8x10" a couple of months ago and asked if they had any other sizes, and some 5x7" came up on the computer (not a format that I shoot). I never used to like Ektapan until I tried it in ABC pyro, alas, just as it was being phased out.

Donal Taylor
7-Feb-2004, 12:07
"We do have many emulsions but "consumers" have let lapse 3 superb emulsions: Verichrome Pan; Ektapan and Plus-X in recent years"

Not really the "consumers" per se, more like the normal free market capitalist economy at work, progress and changing trends, combined with a company with a myopic management and business strategy running on outdated models from the mid 20th century.

John W. Randall
7-Feb-2004, 13:35
Hi folks,

I want to thank all of you for your considered responses. I, too, am thinking that Efke 100 may be a replacement possibility. To that end, I ordered a few rolls of 120 from J&C in Missouri. When it arrives, I'll load up a roll in the 6X12 back and give it its six shots. I also bit on Midwest's 4X5 Plus-X offer. A good one, even with the close end date.

Samy's Camera says they are out of stock in 5X7 Plus-X. Columbus Camera's website didn't work when I logged on to it. I'll give East Coast Camera a buzz on Monday.

If I have to go to Croatia for film, then... I guess I'll go to Croatia for film. One must shoot, mustn't one. Come on, Efke!

Best regards, John W. Randall

David A. Goldfarb
7-Feb-2004, 13:49
Efke 100 is a nice looking film. I prefer it to Plus-X, actually, though the emulsion is a little more fragile, if you develop in trays.

Jim Galli
7-Feb-2004, 23:25
I won't use Plus X in 4X5 because of the grain but I do like it in 8X10. Freestyle's Arista 125 5X7 and PhotoWarehouse' 125 5X7 "Ultisomething" are both believed to be Ilford FP4 and I consider them superior to Plus X and also cheaper. I have a 350 foot roll of the Aerial plus X that I've been cutting into 7" pieces for the 5X7. Luckily the factory roll 5" is identical to sheet 5" so measuring and cutting at 7" (Actually a tad less) is easy. It's VERY nice film and acts just like any other Plus X I've ever used. Except it's more sensitive in the reds so if you're used to doing standard plus X a certain way with red filters and then do the same thing with the aerial stuff you'll be over-exposed.

John W. Randall
8-Feb-2004, 09:48
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the tip on Freestyle. I've ordered the Arista 125 in 120 and 5X7 and will give it some shots.

Should I be able to make acceptable 16X20 prints with the Plus-X I've shot in 4X5 without noticable grain, or, in your opinion, might this be a problem?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, John W. Randall

Jim Galli
8-Feb-2004, 16:08
Hi again John. Very subjective subject. In a busy neg that's processed properly and sharp you might make 32X40's that were fantastic with 4X5 Plus X negs. Negs I found objectionable enough to not print have been scenes with huge midtone skies and clouds that just seemed too grainy to me. I have the same concerns with tmax 400 and tri-x and then I see stuff that others have done with Tri-X in medium format that is superb. So the best answer is what's a problem for me may not be at all for someone else. And of course subject matter. The best grainless perfect picture of a boring worthless subject won't stand well next to a grainy scene that everyone enjoys looking at. Yesterday I was at the Mountain Light gallery with Galen Rowells pictures. 40X50" prints with color dripping off of them from 35mm negs. Get up close and the grain and softness is laughable. But they take about $2800 to the bank for those and I give my "better" ones away.

8-Feb-2004, 17:59
If you are in the USA, shipping could be much lower I just bought one roll but still have not tested yet Should be similar to regular Plus-X ( give and take a little : )