View Full Version : Sinar F2 w/out separate swing/shift locks?

Greg I
6-Feb-2004, 11:16
Does anyone know if Sinar made an F2 without these separate locks? I am just getting into LF and bought an F2 (based in part on having these separate locks) and the camera that I got doesn't have these. It does have the front standard block that encircles the monorail just as the rear standard does, but only one lock (on both front and rear) for swing/shift.

Many thanks in advance.

Sidney Cammeresi
6-Feb-2004, 11:32
Sounds like what you have is a Sinar F1.

Specs for the two cameras are at http://www.sinarbron.com/fspecs.htm

Greg I
6-Feb-2004, 11:55
It's the oddest thing, but the front standard has the geared focus and the enclosed block, as the F2 has(and it looks like the picture on the page prior to the one Sidney steered me to). The only thing it lacks is the separate locks. I wonder if it is simply an older model that didn't have those separate locks or whether it is some wierd sort of hodgepodge front standard with an F2 front block and the F1 part (I don't know the name) comprised of the two small rails used for rise, the swing/shift/tilt mechanism and the carrier that holds the lens board.

Jerry Flynn
7-Feb-2004, 20:53
Just a thought -- the rear sounds like the normal F1 rear standard. The difference is the front.

I have heard that some people have broken the front rail clamp for the F1. (It never happed to me, but I've heard stories.)

Suppose someone broke the front clamp and decided rather than repair it and risk another break, they decided to replace the rail clamp with the F2 version. (All you would have to do is slide the support rods into the clamp and, voila!)