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dave schlick
6-Feb-2004, 08:44
hello, my name is dave.. i just got booted from photo.net becouse of not paying fees.. i love photography, love large format, but dont get to shoot as mouch as id like.. ill be looking in and asking questions and adding a few comments from time to time.. one question my screen is to big here.. that is it covers more than my page is there a quick fix for that doesnt change my whole computer settings?? next question is there a 4x5 catagory? thanks dave..

John Kasaian
6-Feb-2004, 09:07
Photo.net has fees???

David A. Goldfarb
6-Feb-2004, 09:56
I've never paid any fees to photo.net, and there are forums there that I participate in. In any case, welcome to the LF forum.

To see all the categories just click on "Recent Topics" and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Not sure about your browser problem. It works for me in Netscape 7.x on two different computers with different screen sizes, and I've also used it in IE on other computers. It should autosize.

QT Luong
6-Feb-2004, 12:59
Welcome to the LF Forum. I know that the categories need a bit of reorganization, but unlike 8x10, ULF, and 2x3, 4x5 doesn't have its own category because it is the default. As for the viewing problem, if you describe more precisely what it is and on what system it occurs, Tom might be able to fix it.

tim atherton
6-Feb-2004, 13:04
> describe more precisely what it is and on what system it occurs, Tom might > be able to fix it.

I think I get something similar since changes were made to the format a little while ago (befoe Xmas sometime?). Using IE v6.something on Win2000, the yellow box for replies now scrolls off the edge of the page to the right, taking the text with it. I assume it used to autosize before? Thats on a 19" monitor

tim o'brien
6-Feb-2004, 13:58
Why would you start out an introduction with a lie? A lie every person here knows is one since a lot of us participate in both forums.

Why a 4x5 catagory? Does 4x5 shoot different from 8x10, 5x7,or my personal favorite 3x4?

tim in san jose

Brian Kennedy
6-Feb-2004, 14:15
Nobody gets booted from photo.net for "not paying fees." I am guessing that was a tongue in cheek remark? In any case, welcome.

I've had a problem with the window being too wide in the past, too. But it seems to have fixed itself... strange. Like Tim, I think it was related to the sizing of this yellow box for replies I am typing in (which, for the record, fits on the screen right now).

dave schlick
6-Feb-2004, 19:03
somehow i got booted from photo net. when i try to subscribe i get this m essage asking for credit card info..

Support photo.net photo.net is the largest site on the Web for photography professionals and enthusiasts. But it isn't cheap to operate. About 15% of our budget is supported by subscriptions from our members. This support is critical. Our advertising and other revenue just barely covers ISP charges and other costs. It is support from patrons that allows us to upgrade our hardware and provide new services. In addition to knowing that you have supported a valuable Internet resource, your subscription gives you several benefits:

unlimited photocritique alerts. a courtesy yourname@photo.net email forwarding address a patron icon next to your name which shows other members that you are an active supporter of the site. a quota of 200 photos for upload to the photo.net Gallery. limited image-hosting, the ability to use the photo.net image-display URL to link or embed your personal images posted on photo.net in postings on other sites, such as blog sites or other photography enthusiast sites. Such usage is normally blocked for non-subscribers. Over time we plan to make other services available only to patrons, and to limit some services that are currently free to patrons only.

Note concerning image-hosting: . This benefit of membership is intended for occasional use by subscribers whose main purpose in posting photos is photo sharing and mutual critique on photo.net. While there are currently no bandwidth usage restrictions imposed on subscribers when taking advantage of this subscription benefit, photo.net reserves the right to impose such restrictions (or to establish a scale of charges for bandwidth usage, beyond the level of occasional use), without notice.


The preferred method of subscription payment is via credit card. Our credit card processor is PayPal, which also offers some other options, such as e-Checks, or transfers from your PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account already to make a subscription payment to photo.net. You will simply be asekd for your credit card information. To make your subscription payment via credit card, or to use one of the other PayPal options, click on the PayPal logo below and follow the instructions. Your subscriber status will be activated once Paypal notifices us that the transaction is complete. For credit card transactions, this is normally immediate.

Subscription Period Price Click Here 1 year $25.00 3 years $68.00

Renewals: To renew your subscription, just use the same links above. The software does the right thing regarding keeping track of the original date on which you became a subscriber.

If you do not have a credit card: If you don't have a credit card, you can subscribe by sending a personal check for $25 (for one year) or $68 (for three years) to :

photo.net PO Box 545 Carlisle MA 01741 U.S.A.

dave schlick
6-Feb-2004, 19:17
<< Why would you start out an introduction with a lie? A lie every person here knows is one since a lot of us participate in both forums. >>

i was hoping now that i was on a new forum i would be leaving the ocassional rude person that posts on photonet.. im on a half dozen boards mostly gemology,minerology, shooting, black powder and the like.. i recently have had(last few years) only rude remarks in the photo forums...in the past when boards were unmontitered we had what we called flame wars which is why we need to register and can get booted with the moniters request.. i really have a hard time deciding wheather i would like to join this forum even tho most of you sound like polite helpful memebers.. dave schlick

6-Feb-2004, 19:29
As someone who has made a voluntary contribution to photo.net in response to a "we need money" drive some months ago, I was surprised that they are now saying on their site that if you contribute to the site on a regular basis you will be asked to make a contribution. It is put in terms that make it clear that it is not really optional. Has no-one else noticed this?

Jeff Moore
6-Feb-2004, 19:32
I don't know about fees, but personally, I'm for giving the boot to anyone who doesn't know how, or just simply refuses, to use their shift key. :-)

tim o'brien
9-Feb-2004, 18:28
Dear Dave...

I am not rude. I just call them as I see them. I have not spent a penny on photo.net, and I doubt I ever will. The privlege of having some dorky little icon next to my name never seemed to be worth the money. I have not been asked to leave there, so why should I believe your claim? If it's not a lie, just show us the information that backs up your assertion. If they told you that there are restrictions in the number of photos you may upload, that's their perogative. But nowhere does it say that you cannot post on photo.net. Prove me wrong, have Brian send me an email telling me I am mistaken.

Damn, ME defending photo.net? What is this world coming to?

tim in san jose

Frank Petronio
13-May-2006, 19:50
I wouldn't beat the guy up over anything he says about PN. Let it slide and let's talk about photography?