View Full Version : How to run Wheeler`s Vademecum these days

jose angel
26-Jun-2012, 08:18
Hi all; yesterday, after many years of good service, my Palm III device, which I preserved along the years with great care to run Bob Wheeler`s Vademecum (together with an old, barely running, Windows 98 PC, for the same purpose), kicked the bucket.
Probably an internal battery issue (which is not "user replaceable" in this model); but given that it is extremely used, (and the old computer is nearly dead too), I`m almost decided to leave them to requiescat in pace.
I have seen on the web some attempts of "translating" this old software to current devices (iPhone, Androids), without success. From time to time I have asked about it, with same results. Sadly, I know nothing about computers.

My question... Is there any modern (current) device running this software?

Looks like there are "smartphones" running Windows CE (e.g. Nokia 710); I wonder if Wheeler`s version for Windows CE will work on such devices, (or like with the Palm OS version, they are simply incompatible with the latest devices).
I`m also on the need of replacing my cellular phone, so I`d love get a new one with a -serious- photography calculator on mind (colourful silly apps are not what I`m looking for).

Well, opinions and sugerences are welcomed. Thanks. Hope someone have released something similar in the latest years.

I`d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Bob Wheeler, wherever he is.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
26-Jun-2012, 08:25
I recall a plan to porting it to iOS:
But it doesnt look like it when anywhere.

jose angel
26-Jun-2012, 08:33
Thanks Jason, I also followed this attemp, but I`m afraid it was dead even before taking the pencil. I tried it too, but the thing is way more complex than it looks. Wheeler did a good work.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
26-Jun-2012, 09:36
What about a TI calculator? I don't know anything about them, but it might be worth a look.

Bob Salomon
26-Jun-2012, 09:39
Do you want a functioning Palm VX?

Jim Noel
26-Jun-2012, 10:39
I have a small laptop (10") which I use for such things. The program can be loaded using an external cd drive. Of course this assumes you have the original CD. My computer cost just over $200 and weighs about 2 lbs, probably a little less. It is near the same size as my iPad, but does many things, like this one, which are beyond the iPad.
A good place to look and learn about these small laptops is geeks.com. I have bought from them several times with complete satisfaction, and no, don't have any connection other than that of a satisfied customer.

26-Jun-2012, 11:14
There's a version for an HP48 calculator, which I've used in the past. I still use the calculator a bit for work, but haven't really used it for photography in the field.

jose angel
27-Jun-2012, 03:59
Bob, Thanks a lot. I`m located overseas. Anyway, a friend has given me a modern Palm, no success. And worst of it, I`m not able to run this "old" sofware on newer computers.
TI (Texas Instruments?) calculators are not exactly what I`m looking for, although I used a self made program in a thing prior to the Palm device. The HP48-HP49 are similar. Are they still on the market? Not as cool as other devices but they should run this software.
Laptops...ouch! I`d like to have it on a phone sized pack...
Thank you all very much. Great help. I`ll have a look at TI and HP calculators.

27-Jun-2012, 06:37
In addition to TI and HP, Casio also has (or had?) Some nice calculators. When I took Calculus in college back in 1989, I had a nice one that allowed me to graph equations and enter formulas into memory. When a friend of the family had a child graduating from high school about 5 years ago, we got him one that looked similar to the one I had. Reading the specs on it showed the insides had advanced a lot more than the outside in almost 20 years.