View Full Version : B & L 3 inch Anastigmat F2 lens

Pete Watkins
26-Jun-2012, 00:32
I've just bought a shuttered Bausch and Lomb3 inch f2 lens and as I haven't had time to mount it yet I just wondered if any of you have any experience with these lenses. I can't even find out the coverage or image quality that I might get.

26-Jun-2012, 07:38
I have one of these. Mine is marked Photomaton. from research, It seems to be for a 1920s photo booth. There's a similar goerz lens. It covers not much more than 2x2 but try using the front and rear independently. One of them will focus and cover 4x5 withh lots of aberatoons, I forget which.


Pete Watkins
26-Jun-2012, 08:52
Thanks Dan that's really helpful. I'll give it a go.