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25-Jun-2012, 16:28
I have been trying to get an identification on this camera. The shutter is an Auto Graflex, but the rest of the camera is different from the Graflex SLR cameras. I have searched on various web sites, but nothing has shown a camera like this.

It is a 4X5, non rotating back design.

Hope someone can shed to light on what make and model this box is.



Steven Tribe
26-Jun-2012, 12:49
Text is in English. I can't believe that Graflex would make their shutter available to an American company.
There were a lot of UK "black box" focal plane SLR camera and I think it is one of these.
If no name, perhaps the reason is that the lens name was appropriate - Ross or Dallmeyer?

26-Jun-2012, 13:18
Well the only Graflex shutter to be used in a UK camera was the 1950's hybrid Celestion speaker/Graflex Speed Graphic "MPP MicroPress".

In fact this particular camera is actually an early Auto Graflex from Folmer & Schwing from about 1905. I think it's the first version to use the long Graflex shutter with multiple slits unlike the British cameras with their adjustable or two blind systems.


26-Jun-2012, 16:28
Looks like an ordinary, very early Graflex to me.

26-Jun-2012, 17:29

Thanks. I did find some info on the Auto Graflex. The only discrepancy being that the Folmer Auto Graflex is listed as only a quarter plate or 3X4 size. This camera is a 4X5 and it doesn't look like it has been modified.

Now that the temperatures are getting really hot here in the Los Angeles area. I'm going to load some film holder and take this "chick magnet camera", to the beach. :)


Louis Pacilla
26-Jun-2012, 18:32
Yep It's an Auto Graflex in it's 1st incarnation . There should be a mirror on inside of the lid to which the hood is attached. You can either look down on the ground glass through the hole in the bellows hood or look through the opening in the hood at the mirror reflecting the image of the ground glass . This is about impossible to see well because of the dimness from lose of light. To much reflecting going on.:eek:

Very cool camera have fun using your magnet:).

Louis Pacilla
26-Jun-2012, 18:35
double post sorry.