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25-Jun-2012, 09:02
Hi all,

Here is a pic of my lens & shutter:

The stovepipe thing on the upper left is where the synch cord attaches?

If so... It will not trigger the flash. The green M-X switch is permanantly set to X. Is a special deep reach synch cord required?

All help is appreciated. Since this is sent via smartphone, I have kept it brief.


25-Jun-2012, 10:02
I don't know for sure but that looks like it might be an adapter fit on top of an old-style bayonet sync terminal. That part should remove and you can test the shutter's sync terminal itself for functionality by directly connecting a flash cord to it. The bad news is that you'll probably have to have one custo-made by Paramount to do that. I would guess that if the MX stitch is not working properly t hat there might be a probem with the synch mechanism of the shutter -- but that is just a guess.

See tip #31:


If you are in LA area, maybe taking it to someone like Steve Choi (Steve's Camera Repair) in Culver City would be a good idea.

25-Jun-2012, 10:09
I've only seen these synh posts once on European shutters and that was on a Kodak Epsilon (Ross) shutter with a Brirish made 203mm f7.7 Ektar. The Epsilon was only used for a short time later British Ektars came in Prontor SVS or Synchro Compur shutters. The US 203mm Ektar is not Compur #0 compatible unlike the British version and the Graflex Comurs are modified..

However I recently bought a Kodak Monitor from the US and that has a Flash Kodamatic shutter with a similar post, the top part is bayonet fit to use common synch leads presumably Kodak had their own bayonet fit leads. Your's is the same. It's quire possible ther's oxidation on the contacts in the post, there's also a sripng part in the centre.


Bob Salomon
25-Jun-2012, 10:18
Polaroid also used these on their early cameras like the 95. It is an ASA Bayonet connector. But that post sticking up looks like it is converted to a PC female post. Any camera store should have a cord to connect to a PC post. Take it to Samy's, Bel Air or Silvio's. Any of those dealers should be able to help you.

25-Jun-2012, 10:26
Thank you all very much.

Enjoy the day.


25-Jun-2012, 20:08

You were right. After an eraser clean, it still would not work. So I pressed down hard with the pc cord attached and twisted a couple of times. It now works like a champion.

Thanks again to all.