View Full Version : Patrick Alt/ need Ansco 8x10 part

5-Feb-2004, 18:18
Does anyone know if Patrick is still in the view camera repair business, or have a recent phone number? The old phone number (213-748-3087) doesnt work anymore. I have an email address for him but I've also read somewhere that he doesnt do email.

Alternatively, does anyone know where I can find parts for an old Ansco 8x10? I need one of the 3 sections of the wooden base replaced.

Jay M. Packer
5-Feb-2004, 18:35
I'm not sure how much woodworking Mr. Alt is currently doing;

you might try


or e-mail to


Steve Hamley
5-Feb-2004, 18:37

Patrick Alt 213 748 3087 1324 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015-2800 altview@aol.com

Number is the same, maybe the address e-mail and otherwise will help. Thanks for the phone info.



CP Goerz
5-Feb-2004, 19:35
Or contact Alan at www.filmholders.com

CP Goerz

Michael Jones
6-Feb-2004, 07:01
I'm not sure Patrick is still working on cameras. Besdies Alan Brubaker, don't forget Richard Ritter: http://www.lg4mat.net/index.html. I've used all three for various projects and their work was as close to perfect as you could want. Their experiences lead to suggestions or options you may not have considered. By the way, craftsmenship takes take. Good luck.