View Full Version : Shutter release cable for Ilex #4

Jim Andrada
24-Jun-2012, 22:06
I have an Ilex #4 and have noticed that my release cable won't engage the threads sufficiently to operate the shutter - in fact appear not to engage the threads at all. I've tried several different cables and all have the same issue. My cables all have a tapered thread - is a special release cable needed for this shutter?

25-Jun-2012, 00:44
If you search for cable release on the second page you will find a good thread titled 'I need a good cable release' Some one linked to theese. http://www.xn--drahtauslser-djb.com/cgi-bin/vccgi?sid=0&order=grepTree&Leaf=//Cloth/Professional&client=schreckshopE&frame=_top I bought 2 and they changed my life, I was using stupid short things with fidgety flanges, very nice and work fine with my Ilex 4. They will charge once only for shipping if you order more than one and you may get German sales tax back too, though I cant recall now for shure.

Bob Salomon
25-Jun-2012, 01:58
Tempe Camera sells Gepe Releases. They are the German ones.

Jim Jones
25-Jun-2012, 05:42
Long ago some shutters used a cable release with an American Standard 5-44 straight thread. These have been superceded by the European tapered 50 tpi thread. Perhaps the Ilex #4 shutter is old enough to use the straight thread.

Jim Andrada
25-Jun-2012, 17:16
I sort of suspect that the release has a straight thread = really hard to see. I'll try one of the German cables and see if that does the trick.

25-Jun-2012, 17:50
I have an Ilex 4 and the tapered release fits fine.

Jim Andrada
25-Jun-2012, 19:53
I checked with a good light and a loupe and the release seems to be straight threaded. I think some tapered cables will thread into some straight threaded releases but mine won't catch at all. I've tried two or three different cables with no luck. Might relate to age of shutter. Or phase of the moon, or...

26-Jun-2012, 04:02
My Ilex needs a release with a throw of about 20mm to fire properly. Standard thread fits fine.


Jim Andrada
26-Jun-2012, 11:36
Yes - I've noticed that it needs a long throw. But I've now tried four cables and none of them will engage.

Alan Gales
26-Jun-2012, 20:45
I own a 14" Commercial Ektar in an Ilex #5 shutter. I use a Prontor cable release which is made in Germany. It works great.

E. von Hoegh
27-Jun-2012, 07:21
Yes - I've noticed that it needs a long throw. But I've now tried four cables and none of them will engage.

Sounds like the threads are damaged.

27-Jun-2012, 08:43
All but one of my LF lenses are pre-1940. One of them, when I first got it, had the broken off end of a cable release lodged in the socket. After removing that, a cable release could be installed without any problems. Just a thought.