View Full Version : Bruneau's Pneumatic Tripod, aluminum monster. Any good for LF, say 8x10 ?

Bill, 70's military B&W
24-Jun-2012, 17:31
Just picked up this Bruneau's Pneumatic tripod. I am not sure what it's original purpose was. It has a 7x9 inch tilting base that the camera would sit on. Looks like it was made for my B&J 8x10. Seems VERY sturdy, would easily take the weight and wind.
Anyone with any knowledge of this tripod, is it a good LF tripod? Does not go up very high, 50 inch max.

Jim Graves
24-Jun-2012, 20:48
They are very sturdy and surprisingly light weight but, as you've noted, very limited in height and head movements.

It will certainly work just fine with your 8x10, but I suspect you'll be looking for another tripod before very long.

24-Jun-2012, 21:39

I have a model C Bruneau tripod. It is very limiting as the legs do not allow you to get low to the ground. The legs don't extend too much either, which only leaves you with the option of raising the center post. This makes the tripod top heavy, when you mount a heavy 8X10 camera. On uneven ground or windy days, this can be nerve wrecking, as you hope that the camera doesn't tip over.

The tripod works great with a camera up to a 5X7. As Jim noted, you will want a better tripod in the near future. Personally, I like the Manfrotto 465 model for use with an 8X10.


Bill, 70's military B&W
25-Jun-2012, 17:33
I was impressed by it's rigidity and sturdiness. Also the 7x9 inch platform seems to provide a good solid base for the 8x10. But as you pointed out the height is limited, up and down.
Thanks, Bill