View Full Version : Advice needed re 4"x4" or 100mm filters (Lee, HiTech, etc)

24-Jun-2012, 09:05
I have a lens with a standard 95mm thread and have been using threaded filters of that size till now.

I would like to expand my filter selection and hope to use the 4" filters available from HiTech and others. I have not purchased filters or filter holder yet (considering HiTech MK4), but it seems that the holders (and their respective adapter rings) do not adapt to larger than 85mm lens thread. In fact, I'm thinking that the circular opening on the holders may well be under 90-95mm. Could someone provide an actual measurement ?

It looks as this may require some home brewing. Also, any thoughts or suggestions on the above as well as experience adapting 4"x4" filters to a lens of my size will be most welcome.

Thanks very much in advance.


Len Middleton
24-Jun-2012, 10:29

One solution would be a copendium hood with a 4x4 filter mount. Some cameras include one in their systems.

The result would be better control of non-imaging light, as well as getting a filter holder. It depends what is available for your camera, and / or how creative you can be modifying things.

Good luck in your efforts,


Clive Gray
24-Jun-2012, 11:03
If you could tell us the lens and camera combination ?

If you are using a wide angle say like the Nikon 150mm Sw f8 that has a 95mm thread you will want to go to a larger filter size. If you are using longer lenses then a 4" filter system might work ok for you I do not have the Hitech holder but do have the Lee and sometimes use that on a Doctor Apo Germinar 750mm which has a 95mm thread the coverage is huge so the loss of part of the image circle is not important also gets used with a 105mm ring on a 360mm f6.8 Sironar N.

Looking at Teamwork in London they list adapters for Lee upto 105mm (http://www.teamworkphoto.com/filters-holder-adaptor-ring-standard-p-10680.html) and for that matter for Hitech (http://www.teamworkphoto.com/hitech-standard-adapter-ring-p-10436.html) up to that size too.

Measuring the internal diameter of the 105mm and 95mm Lee rings gives 78mm I would expect the hitech ones are of a simular size.

Some camera makers had / have there own filter systems if you happen to have a sinar have a look at this post I made about their 125mm system here (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?91068-360mm-Symmar-S-6-8-Cokin-X-Pro&p=890911&viewfull=1#post890911)

Also the original Sinar swing out filter holder with the Gel Snap adapter is really usefull for 4" filters maxium opening on that is about 97mm and the thread of the adapter is 105mm so possibly you could get a stepping ring to use that.

25-Jun-2012, 09:34
Lee's info here: http://www.leefilters.com/index.php/camera/system

They list a 93mm and 105mm, but not a 95mm adaptor ring. They'll make a custom size for you, or you could use a 95-105 step-up ring.

The Gel Snap works pretty well, but might be tough to get onto a lens that large.

I have the Lee wide angle hood with 2 filter slots and adaptors for all my LF lenses, and it's a good system. Even that wide angle hood is more than long enough for my 300mm lens. My largest filter diameter is 67mm, though.

29-Jun-2012, 21:08
Thanks, Len, Clive and Drew for your comments.

Actually I'm hoping to use the filter setup on a variety of lenses. 77, 86, & 95mm. Hence my interest in something very versatile.

The compendium suggestion would be good if I can find something light and not cumbersome.

I also found that HiTech does have a 95 mm adapter ring, but that the ring and filter holder combined will vignette the 95mm lens, (one of which is a wide angle). Due to the design of the filter holder, the adapter ring inside diameter opening is only 90mm. That, plus the length of the filter holder assembly, causes the vignetting. For the 95mm lens and others (non WA and smaller) the Hitech system is perfect.

It may ultimately be more practical to maintain a set of filters just for the 95mm wide lens. kind of a drag !

Thanks again to all for your suggestions.


John Kasaian
29-Jun-2012, 21:32
Scotch tape?

Greg Davis
30-Jun-2012, 07:36
I use a Hitech holder, and I use it in combination with Tiffen set screw adapters for Series 9 filters. These use small screws to clamp on the outside of the lens barrel. For lenses too large for the filter holder, I clamp to the barrel of the rear element insde the camera. This works well for my 300mm Apo-Symmar. My widest lens is a 210 Apo-Symmar and I can use it on the outside without vignetting.