View Full Version : Fujinon 65/5.6 SWD Lens - Any Good ?

Martin Aislabie
23-Jun-2012, 07:09
I have the opportunity to buy a Fujinon 65/5.6 SWD Lens and as I have no experience of Fuji lenses was wondering how the Fuji would compare to the Rodenstock and Schneider comparable lenses ?

The colour/bloom of the lens is of no importance as I only work in B&W



23-Jun-2012, 07:46
I have the 90mm SWD, and it's an excellent lens, every bit the equal of contemporary lenses from the other major manufacturers.

The SWD lenses are quite rare.

- Leigh

Alan Gales
23-Jun-2012, 22:05
Stratford-upon-Avon, isn't that where William Shakespeare was born? I'm sorry, but I love Shakespeare.

To answer your question, Fujinon is every bit as good as Schneider, Rodenstock, and Nikkor.

Martin Aislabie
24-Jun-2012, 09:38
[QUOTE=Alan Gales;902835]Stratford-upon-Avon, isn't that where William Shakespeare was born? I'm sorry, but I love Shakespeare.


If you ever came to Stratford, you could hardly fail to notice that Shakespeare was born here, there is the lots of Shakespeare stuff here - his house, his fathers house, his wifes house, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare (theatre) Company,,,,,,,,,,

Thanks for the Lens info


Alan Gales
24-Jun-2012, 11:39
Sounds like a fun and interesting place to visit!

Uri A
26-Jun-2012, 05:11
Fuji is always good. Seriously.

Lynn Jones
2-Jul-2012, 12:44
Better in my experience than the others. Covers 105 degrees 169mm image circle.


Martin Aislabie
2-Jul-2012, 13:16
Thanks guys

In have decided to take the plunge and buy the Fuji after such whole hearted recommendations.

I will let you know how I get on with it

Martin :)