View Full Version : G-Claron 210mm f9 aperture scale

23-Jun-2012, 03:54
So I finally was able to remove the adapter ring from the front element of my G-Claron and sure enough it does fit into a Copal 1. Its a toss up between having a shutter and having that nice barrel with about a million aperture blades in it. Shutter wins though. Anyone have an aperture scale for a 210mm f9 G-Claron in a Copal 1 they could scan and post here?


23-Jun-2012, 05:14
Is your current copal 1 shutter blank or, was it used with another lens? If so, if you want, you can just do some easy math and keep a card on the side.

23-Jun-2012, 05:32
Whatever shutter it ends up in will probably have marking already, and may be shared anyway - I don't have a spare functional Copal right now. You're saying that the f5.6 marking just becomes f9 and then go from there? Or does f9 becomes the first spot where the blades just become visible (if it's not the wide open point).


23-Jun-2012, 05:40
it may make a difference which version of copal shutter you have?
addit: I just checked and mine is in a copal 1 with a silver selector ring not the newer black version

23-Jun-2012, 05:50
Hmm. I just figured they're all the same but maybe the ones marked for Nikkor or Rodenstock have unique features? In any event, it would probably go into one of the un marked ones - I have a broken one that held a f4.5 lens (based on the attached scale) and one with a Symmetrigon. Probably the one holding my Symmar convertible would be okay.

23-Jun-2012, 17:10
so here's what I've got...
both scales off the older silver ringed Copal 1 for the 210 g-claron
the distance between the screw holes should give you the scale
I hope this helps