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Joseph O'Neil
21-Jun-2012, 05:23
Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that it is getting real hard to find anybody who has tri-x in 4x5 in stock in Canada. I can find retailers/mail order who stock T-Max in sheet film, and Ilford sheet film, even Kentmere sheet film can be found easily, but not Tri-X. Even those few who list list seem to say it is a special order that can take up to two weeks to arrive. I live a five our drive form Rochester, NY, but it takes two weeks to order in Tri-X. Others say they cannot get it at all now.

Any thoughts? maybe this is just a rant, but it bugs me. I did order three boxes from the US, should be here any day now.

21-Jun-2012, 07:40
Try Henry's, they might still carry Tri-X sheet film or FilmPlus in Toronto.
But, with sheet film these days, I've usually had to order from B&H.

Daniel Stone
21-Jun-2012, 08:34
if you cannot find it locally, order enought to satisfy your needs until your supply runs low.

Order 3 boxes, when you open the last(3rd) one, order another 3. Or whatever your photographic demands require of material quanitity.

Even though I'm here in southern california, I still do the same, so if there is a shortage, I can know I have the film I need(tri-x for LF) when I want to shoot.


Joseph O'Neil
22-Jun-2012, 15:09
Well speaking of which, my three boxes of tri-x from B&H just arrived a couple of hours ago,so all I can say is great minds do truly think alike,eh?


22-Jun-2012, 15:52
Even 120 Tri-X is difficult to get at Henry's. For the last year or so, I bought all my Tri-X from B&H...

2-Jul-2012, 03:42
I bought my 4x5 sheet at Borealis photo lab in Montreal they are cheaper than B&H for Kodak B&W sheet T-Max or 320 TXP.

Blair Ware
2-Jul-2012, 06:16
For large format film, I gave up on Henry's and now buy from B&H.

3-Jul-2012, 06:07
I bought my 4x5 sheet at Borealis photo lab in Montreal they are cheaper than B&H for Kodak B&W sheet T-Max or 320 TXP.

I didn't even know Borealis sold film until I brought them my last batch of C41 negs for processing last week. Unfortunately I had just ordered from Freestyle a couple of days before, so I didn't buy anything.

Eric Rose
3-Jul-2012, 09:05
Try The Camera Store (http://thecamerastore.com) in Calgary. The owners are old film'ies and try to keep a good stock of film. You might have to phone them as not everything is on the website.