View Full Version : Update on the Free Oregon Coast Workshop in May!

Per Volquartz
4-Feb-2004, 16:32
The Oregon Coast Workshop (from May 2 to May 9) is shaping up.

Besides spending a day at the Durst-Pro-USA facility in Portland Oregon (trying out large and VERY large) enlargers, I just received an offer from Cooke Optics in Leicester, England to use a demo lens during that workshop. The lens is the very expensive, hand assembled Cooke PS945 229mm "soft focus" lens. While this lens is called a soft focus lens it really is not. Instead, it has a unique look of handmade lenses made about 100 years ago. The lens retails for $2995.00 and to date there are only about 50 of them in the USA. During the May Workshop everyone will have the opportunity to try the lens (it comes on a Linhof Technica board). I am trying to make similar arrangements with other manufacturers...we'll see what materializes.

If you have not signed up yet for the Free Oregon Coast Workshop be sure to email me right away:


4-Feb-2004, 17:35
Have you settled on a "headquarters hotel?"

Noshir Patel
5-Feb-2004, 12:34
I am also interested in hotel info. I'm not fond of camping...