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4-Feb-2004, 14:54
Does anyone have a link that lists standard film holder dimensions? I realize that once over 11x14 dimensions have not been standardized. In specific, is 4x10 film and holders the same dimension in width as 4x5 film/holder and in length as 8x10 film/holder?


Linas Kudzma
4-Feb-2004, 15:48
See: http://home.earthlink.net/~eahoo/filmhold.html

Michael S. Briggs
4-Feb-2004, 17:12
4x10 filmholders aren't standardized, but probably the dimensions used by Canham have recently become the standard. I remember reading somewhere that he makes his 4x10 holders using parts of 8x10 holders that he buys from Fidelity. If this is correct, then the depth of a Canham 4x10 holder should be the same as that of an 8x10 holder. I don't know about the width and length.

If you are thinking about making a 4x10 camera or back, it would be a good idea to buy at least one holder before starting construction.

Leonard Evens
5-Feb-2004, 08:00

I don't understand the numbers at the link you gave: http://home.earthlink.net/~eahoo/filmhold.html.

It shows exposure heights greater than the film size. For example the "exposure height" for 4 x 5 is given as 5.02 (inches, I assume). My Fidelity film holders have an opening 120 mm or about 4 3/4 inches high. Am I missing something?

Ralph Barker
5-Feb-2004, 17:22
Leonard - he may be referring to the length of the indented area into which the film slides, part of which is obscured by the flap. Even so, the measurement seems long, as that dimension in my 4x5 holders measures about 4 15/16", the same size as film.

23-Apr-2005, 19:30
I need to know the same for 4x5 holder..Lisco. Ordered it but hasn't arrived and im making the camera now