View Full Version : Quality of four part E-6 kits?

Jan erala
6-Jun-1999, 12:16
There are several four-part E-6 film developer kits on the market, e.g. Tetenal and Beseler. Does anyone have experience of these? Is it possible to have the sa me quality with such a kit as with ordinary Kodak E-6? I am looking for some cri tical comparison between these processes. How is it possible to have good qualit y with a four-part kit with a broad temperature tolerance when you know how prec ise the ordinary E-6 has to be?

Tom Hieb
9-Jun-1999, 00:08
I can't provide any detailed technical analysis of the 4 part developers, but since nobody else seems have any advice I can offer the following. I use the Tetenal E-6 kits with good success. I process in a Jobo CPE2 processor. I am careful to be consistent with my temperature and timing, and I warm the rinse water in a seperate bath to the same temperature as the chemicals. This is certainly not state of the art equipment or techniques. However, I can't tell the difference between the chromes I have processed and the ones processed by a professional lab - and I can be very critical.

4-Feb-2001, 13:33
I just brought myself a Tetenal E6 kit and plan to do some processing of 4x5 Velvia in a uniroller drum, I need to to push and pull processing time, what will be a good starting point for the time needed in developer for either? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.