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Paul Webster
4-Feb-2004, 12:45

I have done a search and can't locate an answer to this question. How do I store my Ebony field camera when not in use? Should I leave the camera unfolded with the bellows extended or what?

Sorry if this seems dumb.

4-Feb-2004, 13:17
Not dumb, especially considering what I would guess you have invested in an Ebony! Just leave the camera folded and put it away in a safe place. There's no advantage to leaving the bellows extended. In fact, by doing so you're just inviting dust into the camera which could eventually end up somewhere on your negative. Just give the camera reasonable care, enjoy it and make photographs!

Brian Kennedy
4-Feb-2004, 14:54
I agree - it makes the most sense (for dust) to keep the bellows compacted. I'd say fold it up and keep it somewhere dry.

Paul Webster
4-Feb-2004, 17:13
Thank you gentlemen.


David Richhart
4-Feb-2004, 18:00
Hey Paul... Why not contact Ebony and see what they say, and then report back to us ??? I would be interested to hear what the factory says...

Frank Petronio
5-Feb-2004, 03:13
Don't forget to take the batteries out.

Paul Webster
5-Feb-2004, 05:52
That was my next question Frank. I can load the bellows with 10 D's or 15 C's which is better.

Brian Vuillemenot
5-Feb-2004, 10:32
I have an adaptor to hook up my big 8X10 to my car battery for proper power.

Nature Photo
10-Feb-2004, 23:21
I keep my camera unfolded, with the lens on (with a protective filter, but no cap), on a shelf in my living room. A wood field camera is really a beautiful thing to behold. As an added bonus, visitors occasionally ask about my "antique" decoration.

Paul Webster
11-Feb-2004, 04:29
I contacted Ebony with this question. Ian Wilson / coordinator of international sales, replied that it didn't matter with the Ebony whether you stored it folded in a case or unfolded on a tripod, so everyone is right.

Me, I think I will store it on the tripod because the thing is so pretty to look at.