View Full Version : What does old film look like?

20-Jun-2012, 02:38
Hello all.

I purchased some film holders from someone on this forum I think - some time ago. I also then purchased some film from B&H to suit. When I went to load the film I found that the holders had film in them! So... what to do but try it out.

My guess at the film type was correct after a number of attempts and help from Wikipedia ... Kodak Ektapan I think. The Wikipedia notch code shows a rectangular notch and mine has little fillets in the rectangle ...

Anyway ... I processed the film to find it really badly developed and with a sort of scum on it like the scum on a shower screen. The developer is PyroCat-HD in glycol.

The question is this. Is the scum something to do with the age of the film or should I worry about the water quality around here? I don't care the photos failed but I do want to know that when I get more serious I don't really bugger up something precious.

Note: Last weekend I did some film tests and there was no scum.