View Full Version : Shutter for 6 1/8" Verito?

19-Jun-2012, 19:10
What would be an appropriate shutter for this lens?

I am currently using it on my Speed with the focal plane shutter, but I am curious about mounting it on a conventional shutter, which would give me more shutter speed options I guess.



Mark Sawyer
19-Jun-2012, 20:35
I think that lens was originally available in a Betax #3, is you want to be "historically" appropriate. But I'm not 100% sure, so have someone else confirm that's the size...

The Alphax #3 should be the same size, if you want something more modern.

20-Jun-2012, 04:30
Thanks Mark..I hope someone else can confirm this.


20-Jun-2012, 06:15
Graflex SLR FP shutter

Jim Galli
20-Jun-2012, 06:22
In some of the old catalogue's you will notice the Wollensak will offer that lens in 2 or 3 different shutters. Betax, Optimo, Autex, Studio, Barrel, etc. Every one of those is different threads. There was no standardization. So the adapter barrels for each shutter would be different and only work with that shutter, ie, if you've got an Optimo that isn't working and a Betax that is, you can't swap from one to the other. Early aperture assemblies were male thread with adapter barrels being female - female. Later on that changed. It's a hodge podge. Machine work is expensive. Good luck.

Mark Sawyer
20-Jun-2012, 12:48
Jim is quite right. The closest to standardization is that the Betax is the same as the Alphax of the same number. And I've seen 9-inch veritos that screwed into #4 shutters, and a couple that screwed into #5 shutters. But I think, in most cases, Betaxes were direct replacements for the standard barrel. But I'd try before buying, if at all possible.

(And of course, the aperture scale will most likely be off...)

20-Jun-2012, 19:18
Mark....you were spot on....


The lack of a shutter is not that big a deal since my FP shutter functions pretty well.....I find myself often times needing intermediate speeds.....not a very big deal.

But yes....if I can find a Betax/Alphax, it would be interesting to try.


21-Jun-2012, 12:13
If you are using it on a pacemaker speed graphic, you might want to investigate an anniversary or pre-anniversary speed graphic. You get basically 6 tension adjustments for each slot width compared to two with the pacemaker. Lots of shutter speed choices right down to 1/10 sec.

If you're handy, the pacemaker rails and standard can be grafted onto an older shutter/body/back.

John MacManus
22-Jun-2012, 12:46
Avi, since you need "intermediate speeds" on your Speed Graphic with FP shutter, you might try neutral density filters to modify your exposure.
Changing film type/speed might also help you out.
Shouldn't keep that nice Verito idle ... happy shooting ... J

1-Jul-2012, 10:51
this is definitely not a lens that deserves to be kept idle! :)

http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8020/7479981664_7842f6812a.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/smiling_buddha/7479981664/)

1-Jul-2012, 11:19
nice. I just got a 7 1/2 which I've been shooting with my pacemaker speed since the studio shutter is shot. I've been using color roll film with mine. lots of fun.


1-Jul-2012, 12:47
nice. I just got a 7 1/2 which I've been shooting with my pacemaker speed since the studio shutter is shot. I've been using color roll film with mine. lots of fun.


Yes...that is my intention too....I have the Calumet C2n for exactly that purpose.