View Full Version : Schizophrenic Lens Choices?

Steve Singleton
14-Feb-1999, 18:22
Just purchased an Arca 6x9 camera and envision buying a 65mm lens for that forma t, as well as a 90 and 150/210 that will also serve with a 4x5 back. Intended u se is architectural & some tabletop work and any suggestions for split personali ty lenses would be appreciated.

Howard Slavitt
15-Feb-1999, 00:01
A Nikkor 300 mm f9 (series "M") works great for 6 x 9 as a long focal length lens (about equivalent to 135 mm on 35 mm) as long as you use a lens hood. I love mine. Many people also like it as a 4 x 5 lens.