View Full Version : Eastman anastigmat 18 1/2

18-Jun-2012, 18:37
Eastman anastigmat 18 1/2 f10 serial No 1307 - please tell me what you know about it.



E. von Hoegh
19-Jun-2012, 06:33
It's an Artar clone. The uncoated version - of which I have the 13" f:10, is very sharp, has a larger circle of illumination than sharp image circle, and behaves much like an uncoated Artar. Mine will just cover 8x10 for contacts. Yours will probably give honest 8x10 coverage with a bit of room for movements.

Tracy Storer
19-Jun-2012, 09:52
I had one, 19+" FL, and felt the coverage was a lot better than an Artar.