View Full Version : Polaroid 900 convert to 4x5 film

Alin Dragulin
18-Jun-2012, 15:50

I followed a great youtube tutorial to turn a Polaroid 900 camera into a pack film shooter with a 135 F5.6 NIKKOR W lens. Though I stopped before making the conversion to the pack film because I want to shoot 4x5 film with it. Does anyone have any DIY advice on making the film holder seat for the back of the camera? I'd like to get/ make something that functions as smooth and even as the film holder seat on my Sinar but if wishes were shits I'd spend a fortune on cologne.

So much love and thinks in advance.


18-Jun-2012, 16:16
have you checked out Option8 Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/option8/sets/72157602173090062/)? he's a good guy & very accessible.

Alin Dragulin
19-Jun-2012, 16:44
Ahhh, thanks so much for this link!