View Full Version : 420mm Imagon

David Flockhart
3-Feb-2004, 14:53
I recently purchased this lens but can find nothing about it on this site or elsewhere. There is a fair bit of information about shorter lengths, (200, 250. 300) but not this one. The seller says it is for 8x10 format. I have a 250 and presume they are similiar in purpose and design. Any experience out there for this lens? Thank you.

Ernest Purdum
3-Feb-2004, 18:29
As you presumed, the 420mm is a larger scale version of the rest of the Imagon family. I think it was discontinued just because large enough shutters were no longer available. It should work fine for you on 8" X 10".

Armin Seeholzer
4-Feb-2004, 15:51
Yes the 420mm was for 8x10inch this is correct!