View Full Version : film defects

lee nadel
3-Feb-2004, 14:48
has anyone noticed defects in bregger 200 donut shaped about 1/4'' thanks

Michael Kadillak
3-Feb-2004, 15:27
Immediately contact John Horowy at (815) 282 9876 of Bergger and let him know about your situation in as much detail as you can provide them. He will make it right for you and will probably ask you to send him examples of the problem you are describing along with the manufacturing codes so that they can isolate the defect and correct it. Great film and company and they have a web site. I got his card at a recent show.


3-Feb-2004, 18:08
What's the emulsion / batch number and date code on your film?

Dave Ditzel
5-Feb-2004, 11:30
Lee, What does the defect look like? Is the defect density or imperfections in the emulsion. If it is density, the defects could be caused by static. I have seen donut shaped static marks on film before. This is especially a problem if the humidity is very low. Please post your findings.

lee nadel
5-Feb-2004, 14:33
the defect is donut shaped the perimeter is soft and the center is sharp and shinny on the emulsion side.