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18-Jun-2012, 08:26

Please, Iíve just concluded that I need one of these three lenses as a standard lens for my 8x10 camera, and would like to ask for some advice concerning filters and lens hoods.

The information I have:

Super Angulon 210mm 8 Single coating 127mm
Super Angulon 210mm 8 Multicoating 135mm
Rodenstock Grandagon N 200mm 6.8 127mm
Schneider Super Symmar 210mm 5.6 135mm 72mm

Schneider 135mm Center filter 152mm 135mm

The biggest b&w contrast new filters available for sale are the Tiffen of 127mm.

And the questions:

1. I saw some references to a center filter 6 with 127mm. Has the Schneider Center Filter 6 changed some years ago from 135/127 to 152/135mm?

2. What is the best solution for having one of these three lenses with center filter, contrast b&w filters and hood?

A) Super Angulon Single Coating or Grandagon with an eventual old 127mm Center Filter and Tiffen b&w filters?

B) Super Angulon Multicoating with new Center Filter 6. In this case, what b&w filters to use?

C) Symmar XL with new Center Filter 6 and 72mm b&w filters.

3. In any case (A, B or C), what lens hood to use?

Thanks so much!

Josť LuŪs

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2012, 08:49
Why not try to find the Rodenstock 210mm 5.6 Apo Sironar W? That lens did not need a center filter. It gave enough coverage on 810 for 24mm of shift and 29mm of rise at f22 at infinity in landscape. And it took 100mm filters so the front could be easily stepped up to 105mm to take common size filters.

18-Jun-2012, 09:20
Hello Bob, thanks for your prompt answer. The 210mm Apo Sironar is certainly a wonderful lens, but I use the camera movements very intensively and really need a lens with 500mm at f/22 coverage – specially for architecture and table top photography. This is the reason for choosing one of these three lenses. I do not know any other lens with about 200mm and 500mm coverage.

Bob Salomon
18-Jun-2012, 10:08
That does make a difference!

18-Jun-2012, 10:32
It really does!

Steve Goldstein
18-Jun-2012, 12:31
I have five different PDFs of Schneider CF data (1967, 1977, 1984, 2007 and 2011). The VI first appears in 2007 and is listed there and in the 2011 sheet as 152/135. I don't know if there are sheets available for the years between 1984 and 2007, perhaps on Schneider's archive site (where I got all the above except 1967, which came direct from Schneider in response to a query).

If anybody wants copies of any of these files, send me an email and I'll mail them to you. Just FYI, the file sizes are:

1967 1.9Meg
1977 5.0Meg
1984 0.5Meg
2007 0.2Meg
2011 0.5Meg

18-Jun-2012, 12:41
Hello Steve, thanks! Then at least since 2007 it is 152/135mm.

18-Jun-2012, 12:45
The best lens hood I have discovered fits all lens that I have. It fits all filter threads and all diameters.

It works best when the camera is on a tripod, but works with just about every camera.

It can be used to prevent moving car lights from hitting your glass or film for night photography. It can be used to keep rain off your lens.

And it costs about $70.


18-Jun-2012, 13:04
Hello Richard, thanks! That's what I use today with the giant lens I already have, the Apo Symmar 480mm 8.4! :) But for all my small lenses I have dedicated filters and lens hoods, and I got used to them. You must be right anyway. I could forget the hood question and keep using my big lenses as I'm doing now, with this time tested accessory.

18-Jun-2012, 15:21
"Lens hood" on a super angulon 210 is not going to do much good on an 8x10 camera, unless you are not using movements and are shooting in the center 300mm circle. You need a compendium shade, which is usually a camera accessory. What camera are you using. To need 500mm circle I suspect a monorail 8x10. Most monorail camera systems have a specific matching compendium shade as part of the system.

19-Jun-2012, 02:56
Hello IC-Racer, thanks for this information. I didn't know that the movements make the lens hood unnecessary. Yes, I know the compendium shades. I used them with two systems I had in the past, Arca Swiss and Sinar. But now my camera is a Deardorff v8 and it does not have a dedicated one. I could buy someone from another brand and make an adapter, but in fact I do not really like them, and it would be an expensive solution. I'm thinking now that with such a big lens the best thing to do is in fact to use a hat or an umbrella as a lens shade, as suggested above by Richard.