View Full Version : lens board for busch pressman and hole size?

3-Feb-2004, 08:27
I need two lens boards for a busch pressman model D. Any one know where to get them?

Question 2-How do I find out what size hole I need in the board. Is there a place I can find measurments for hole sizes. Like if someone has a board with a copal one hole what does that mean?

3-Feb-2004, 08:36
The hole needs to match the lens. If your lens uses a Copal #1 shutter you need a board drilled for a #1 or a blank board which you can then get drilled. One thing to remember you might be able to drill a bigger hole if you can only find a board with a small hole. But it'll be much harder to make a hole smaller-)

tim atherton
3-Feb-2004, 08:56

Mark Sampson
3-Feb-2004, 09:22
try www.stephenshuart.com for lensboards.

Darin Cozine
4-Feb-2004, 13:04
Mark, I sell lensboards for the Busch Pressman D (4x5). I have two on Ebay right now, feel free to email me if you have any questions.

22-Apr-2008, 03:56
Hi Darin, I would be interested in buying a copal 0 and copal 1 for my busch pressman, do you still sell them and how much?
regards, dimento