View Full Version : Nagaoka 4x5 Field camera, lens boards off-centre or not?

Ed Bray
16-Jun-2012, 05:07
I have just won (on ebay) a very nice looking Nagaoka 4x5 field camera, I understand that it takes Linhof lens boards, but noticed that some of these are off-centre and some centred. Could you kind people in the know let me know which one I would require.

I do not know which model of camera I have bought so if anyone can tell from the picture/description of ebay item number 110896777913 that would also be very useful.

Thanks in anticipation.

John Kasaian
16-Jun-2012, 06:09
Usually when a board's hole is off center it is that way to provide a bit more rise than the camera's normal range would permit.
Of course i know nothing about Linhofs so take this with a grain of salt.

Ed Bray
16-Jun-2012, 06:19
Hi John, thanks for your reply. It would seem that the majority of Linhof lens boards are off-centre as standard, but as I have bought a Nagaoka 4x5 field camera I could do with finding out which variety is best for that.

The offset on the Linhof boards are towards the bottom rather than the top.

Frank Petronio
16-Jun-2012, 06:21
Because they don't have a "fall".

Jim Noel
16-Jun-2012, 06:28
Yes, the off center boards are ideal for Nagaoka, and most other field cameras, because they have adequate rise and little fall.

Ed Bray
16-Jun-2012, 07:36
Brill, thanks Gents, I'll order up some boards.

16-Jun-2012, 07:42
They both work just fine on the Nagaoka.