View Full Version : SA 47 5.6 XL filters?

John Conway
15-Jun-2012, 20:59
Well, I did it. A 47 XL is about to join my lens line up. Just bought it today from KEH. So, I'm wondering if I can mount two filters on the lens.

Steve Barber
16-Jun-2012, 01:07
Not without it beginning to vignette. It takes a 67mm filter and the one that is used needs to be the slim version. A 67mm polarizer, by itself, begins to shadow the corners. The Schneider center-filter IIIc used with it steps up to 86mm, but I do not have any 86mm filters to try over the center-filter. Trying to use the Lee filter system I normally use, with its 86mm adaptor ring, I cannot get any more filters on over the center-filter without having bits of the filter holders shadowing the corners.

The filters, when fully threaded in, come very close to the surface of the objective lens. This might be something you need to watch out for.

Ed Richards
16-Jun-2012, 04:13
Lee makes a special filter holder for the 90 and 72 XL lenses that fits on the outside of the lens. There is a Lee adapter that fits inside this (a donut ring) that steps the hole down to fit the outside of the 86mm center filter for the 47. This allows you to mount Lee filters flush against the front of the center filter. Works great. Forget about polarizers - this lens is so wide the sky will be uneven. While I tend to not use center filters, I found you need one with this lens, even for black and white. The falloff is so great that you lose any shadows in the corners. (Unless you like that effect.) This system allows you to use filter on the 47 with no vignetting. I have not found any other system that works, although I suppose you could use the Lee universal holder that stays on with a rubber band. I tried just holding the Lee filter against the front of the lens, but could not keep my finger out of the picture.:-)

Steve Barber
16-Jun-2012, 06:04

Thank you, for the tip. I did not know there is a donut ring for the 47mm as well as the 72 and 90mm XL's. Hopefully, there will be one available and I won't have to put it on backorder.


Ed Bray
16-Jun-2012, 07:32
In the interests of assisting a fellow member I have just carried out some testing with my 47mm SA XL on my 4x5 Horseman LX.

Personally I wouln't normally use a Polarising Filter on a lens with this AOV but I used my 95mm filter for this test as it was a normal version ie not slim and more likely to vignette and it was the largest filter I currently have.

When using the 67mm Centre filter with an 86mm-95mm step-up ring and the 95mm Polarising filter there is some vignetting in the corners which becomes even more pronounced at f32 (minimum aperture).

Strangely enough, when I used a 67mm-82mm step-up ring (instead of the centre filter) and then an 82mm-95mm step-up ring with the same 95mm Circular Polariser there was no vignetting even at f32.

My suggestion would be to get a 67mm-95mm step-up ring (which will save you an additional 3mm on the example above) and use 95mm filters. If you stick to a single 95mm filter it will not vignette.

ebay item #251046530991 will do the job for you.

Ed Richards
16-Jun-2012, 11:07
The donut is called the 100-90mm Converter Ring. You can order it directly from Lee:
LEE Filters USA / Screen Shade

It is also at BH: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/292622-REG/LEE_Filters_FKD10090_100_90mm_Converter_Ring_for.html

You need the FK100 holder, not the usual Lee Foundation Kit holder. If you have a 72 or 90 XL, you should already have this.

A step up ring to 86 should let you use one filter, preferably thin. But if you want to add a filter to CF, you need the Lee rig.

John Conway
16-Jun-2012, 19:16
Thank you all very much. I'm very excited about the 47 XL. She's going on my Cambo Master PC with the leather bag bellows. The bellows bugs me though. It's too big. I know the bag bellows must be big for movements, but i think they over did it. I'm thinking of having the bag altered to make it a little smaller.

Ed Richards
16-Jun-2012, 20:28
It is big for lenses like the 110 xl or a Nikon 120 sw with huge movements.

John Conway
17-Jun-2012, 07:35
It is big for lenses like the 110 xl or a Nikon 120 sw with huge movements.
I still think it is oversized. My Calumet CC402 wide angle camera has a nice little compact bellows. My 121 SA has enormous
coverage, and when I use a lot of front rise with the 402 and the 121, she handles it just fine. Actually, the 47XL does not have much movement anyway, so I may be better off using it on the 402, especially out in the field, since the 402 is much lighter and compact compared to the Master Cambo.

Steve Barber
18-Jun-2012, 06:53
Ed and Ed,

Thank you, both, for the information. I have called my dealer and they have what I need in stock.