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John Flavell
14-Jun-2012, 21:16
I've come across three sheets of 4x5 Type 55 that are probably not too outdated. Just three. What I'd like to do is shoot for the neg. I'm open to any and all ideas on what to do with just three. Any suggestions?

Frank Petronio
14-Jun-2012, 21:18
One test, one mess, one good one!

Perhaps a static subject in good light rather than a portrait that could be more variable.

14-Jun-2012, 22:55
Use at least one sheet this way:

Step 1: Compose a landscape in even light
Step 2: Shoot for the negative w/ ISO 25
Step 3: Be thrilled w/ the beautiful tone & lush detail


15-Jun-2012, 12:02
My advice is to pull the sheets a lot slower through the rollers than you might be inclined to, in order to give the reagent a solid chance of even spreading. Also, water has worked just fine for me to wash the goop off the negative; no sodium sulfite needed as per Polaroid's instructions.

Otherwise, what Heroique said.


John Flavell
15-Jun-2012, 14:00
Frank, thanks for the advice I'm working in two areas these days: Cliffs and water, so no problem with people moving.

Heroique and Jonathan, I'm up for all of that, although I do have a bit of that Polaroid sodium sulfite left. I'm sure I'll be in zen mode (SLOW) when I get around to exposing these sheets

Thanks all

15-Jun-2012, 15:38

Have fun! I only mention the slow pulling because I used to pull all my Polaroids through the rollers for a duration of about one second or so--zzzzip!--but lately I am pulling them through for about two to three seconds--zzzzzzzzzzzip--and I have gotten fewer blank spots where the reagent didn't quite cover.

I bought some sodium sulfite years ago for the express purpose of clearing my type 55 negs, but I've been using water while waiting for the right time to mix it up and use it. Looks like I waited too long!


15-Jun-2012, 15:52
Sell them on eBay for $60 :)