View Full Version : 4X5 Technika board question

11-Jun-2012, 15:02
all of my Technika 4x5 boards have a raised circle about 3/16 " diameter at the back, at the top. What purpose does it serve? It causes no problems on my Technika IV, however with my Kardan conversion board, the Technika boards do not lie completely flat. This has not been a problem so far. I have a device that allows Technika boards to be used on a Fuji GX680, this however leaves a gap that will most certainly cause problems - I intend to make an appropriate size depression in this device but have not figure out how, as yet.

Bob Salomon
11-Jun-2012, 15:28
Light trap.

Do you have the Kardan to Technika adapter board for flat or reccesed Technika boards?

11-Jun-2012, 15:40
Bob, the board is flat but I can mount both flat and recessed Technika boards on it. The board has a very slight depression where this raised circle lands. I do not see how it works as a light trap!

Bob Salomon
11-Jun-2012, 16:52
At the moment I am on the way to Salt Lake and won't be back in the office till next Monday. When I get back I will check what the one in stock looks like. If we haven't sold it.

14-Jun-2012, 08:24
Bob, my apologies, There is no problem, the raised circle is there to make the light trap work. The board does not lie in close contact with the GX680 adapter but the light trap is complete all around. I got scared when I saw daylight around the edges (should have taken a shot to prove it was OK).