View Full Version : Kodak Commercial Ektar f6.3 14 inch lens found - value?

10-Jun-2012, 11:31

I am new to this site, and pro photography for that matter, and am looking to find a fair value for the lens described above. I bought a home from a retired wedding photographer, and stumbled upon this. The seller was the grandson, and said to keep it.

Iris the lens in what looks tobe it's eom case, as the inside of the case has the lens model name and origin (Rochester, ny). The lens seems to be in good shape, no scratches. Only scratches on the lens cover and some dirt in the threads of the lens where it screws in. Looking for a fair value to see what to list it at on eBay. Thank you very much.

10-Jun-2012, 11:54
It doesn't seem like this is a very thorough nor informed description. Determining the condition of a lens is not as simple as looking at it without knowing what to look for.

10-Jun-2012, 13:34
Lots of them on eBay to check the price ranges.

10-Jun-2012, 15:13
You'll want to check the shutter functioning, particularly at 1 second which can be tested by ear. If its good you might get $400 with nice photos. Various factors could bring it down to $250, which is what I got mine for about a year ago. The higher price would be for a clean, operational version in the original box, with caps.

10-Jun-2012, 15:55
I am afraid I only have the lens. I would assume you need a camera to check shutter speed? What are caps? I have the original box and a protective case.

Frank Petronio
10-Jun-2012, 16:18
If the lens has a shutter, it would likely be an Ilex #5 with levers and numbers around it. Some of the Commercial Ektars were shutterless, mounted in barrels, in which case they are significantly less valuable (but hardly worthless!). Post a photo....

Here is one mounted in an Ilex shutter.... if you play with the levers you should be able to pop an exposure off since they are self-cocking.


Frank Petronio
10-Jun-2012, 16:25
In a barrel, no shutter


apologies for swiping the photo

11-Jun-2012, 14:23
Looking for a fair value to see what to list it at on eBay. Thank you very much.

$1 start. 7 day auction. take good photos. it will sell at market value.

Alan Gales
11-Jun-2012, 15:12
To add to what Eddie said, do not have the auction end on Friday night, anytime Saturday, Sunday morning (church) or a holiday because people are not home then to bid on your item. Most interested buyers bid in the last few seconds of the auction.

Both Eddie and I are Ebay Sellers and are speaking from experience. Good luck!