View Full Version : Need bigger lense

Alan Martin
5-Jun-1999, 13:03
Anyone know where I could get a reasonably priced large lense for my 8X10 - I'm looking for something in excess of 600mm - perhaps closer to a 1000mm. Thanks! I have a Toyo view.

Carlos Co
5-Jun-1999, 17:06
Do you have enough extension bellows for your Toyo view? Otherwise you're clearly forced to go for a telephoto design. The Nikon 600, 800, and 1200 all cover 8x10. The same is true for Schneider's 800 mm. These are all very expensive lenses >$2000 from B&H. What exactly is your idea of reasonable price.

William Marderness
8-Jun-1999, 16:19
The Fujinon 600 C may be a good choice. I use a Fujinon 450 C with my 4x5. The lens is small and light. Fujinon lenses can be purchased at the Fstop (thefstop.com). The 600 C is not a telephoto.