View Full Version : Graphic Kowa 240mm/f9 and 305mm/f9 lenses

Colin Myers
31-Jan-2004, 15:54
Does anyone have any experience of mounting either of these lenses into shutters? Will they slot straight in, or does one need the services of S.K. Grimes etc. Also what are the useable image circles on the two lenses. I would be most grateful for any advice or assistance. Colin Myers

Steve Hamley
31-Jan-2004, 17:20
I have a 240mm Computar (same as Kowa) that I bought in barrel. The cells went directly into a Copal 3s. It would probably be prudent to check the overall length of the mounted cells versus the barrel. I can't test the coverage of the 240 right now, but Lens and Repro has a 240 f/9 listed as an 11x14 lens.



David Kashuba
31-Jan-2004, 17:28

I have owned (briefly) a 240mm that had labeling on the outside of the barrel that did not fit directly into a shutter. The front lens group did not detatch from the barrel. My 270mm(Computar), and 360mm Kowa with labeling on the front do fit directly into copal 3s's. I do not know the image circle on the 240mm or the 305mm.

-David Kashuba.

Jon Wilson
23-May-2005, 23:02
Colin or others who are interested...some old copal-no. 3 shutters, mine (sn 643090) came with fujinar f4.6 250mm lens, will accept my Graphic Kowa 240mm f9 (sn240056) lens from its barrel as a direct fit. It has turned out to be a very inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new/used Copal 3s.