View Full Version : 8x10 opportunity in N.E. Wisconsin

Tony Galt
31-Jan-2004, 13:38

On the off chance that someone in Wisconsin is looking for an 8x10 fixer upper, today in an Antique Mall on Broadway in Green Bay, I spotted an 8x10 Kodak 2C view camera with a tripod (which seemed marginal to me) with an uncoated Voightlander 9 1/2" lens with a shutter that may not have been operating for $325 dollars. The camera would need a new bellows and a better lens, but the wooden parts and hardware looked like they could be fixed up easily. The ground glass and film holder were intact. Oddly the lens was mounted on a huge extension tube. Maybe it was used for extreme close ups or something of that sort. So just in case this fits someone's interests and location I thought I'd mention it.