View Full Version : Rodenstock Monar F3.5 ?

Tim Layton
7-Jun-2012, 18:17
Anyone have experience with a Rodenstock Monar F3.5 Petzval design lens?

I just picked up one and no time to mount it for a couple weeks because I am out traveling.

I searched around and could not find any photos that anyone has posted so it has me wondering if this is an odd ball lens or something. I thought it would make a great wet plate lens because of the speed and the design.

If you know anything about the lens or know of a link to some photos, I would appreciate the info.

The one I picked up has an air spaced pair in the back, cemented pair in front. The focal length is 7" which I verified.



8-Jun-2012, 06:30
A bit of info for you