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7-Jun-2012, 12:14
I have searched the net and have not found a definative answer to this question: Will the Toyo roll film slider fit and work on the Omega 45d?

It is not a graflock attachment, but will work on the Toyo 45g.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Dangerous to Oneself

Daniel Stone
7-Jun-2012, 12:19
don't think Omega and Toyo are interchangeable parts-wise, at least from the toyo's and omegas I've owned in the past


7-Jun-2012, 12:53
I heard that Toyo made the Omega 45d and that it was quite simular to the Toyo 45g.

Dangerous to Oneself

7-Jun-2012, 19:28
The Omega was a lower-priced version of Toyo, with simpler controls. It took most Toyo accessories.

Toyo roll film sliding backs were made in different versions for Mamiya Press backs and baby Graflok backs (for 2x3 cameras). I have also seen one that took Mamiya RB backs, but that may have been an adaptation. The back is removed from the camera and the sliding back goes in place. So, if your Omega has the standard Toyo back, it will take a Toyo sliding back.


Joseph Dickerson
8-Jun-2012, 14:48
Contact Mamiya USA, they are the Toyo distributor. I'm sure they could tell you.


Drew Wiley
8-Jun-2012, 15:31
The inserting slider back is rather thick and heavy. Not not many cameras will accept them. I think your gg has to pull back at least an inch to insert the device.