View Full Version : Horseman PW 65mm f5.6 for 6x9

Yuri Saniko
30-Jan-2004, 22:54
Hi, I have a chance to buy a Horseman PW 65mm f5.6. I'm planning to use it on 6x9 linhof.
Anyone have experience of this lens? Is it good? How it will compare with older angulon 65/6.8? Thanks.

Howard Slavitt
4-Jun-2004, 11:43
I used the latest version of the lens (the "ER" multicoated version). It is very good, especially given its size and weight. There was quite a bit of distortion in the corners of the frame and it gets soft there. Not in the same league, for instance, with a current Rodenstock Grandagon 65 mm f4.5, but if you're looking for relatively inexpensive, light, and compact, it's a very nice lens.