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7-Jun-2012, 11:06
Hello all. Thanks fot read my thread and at the time, excuse me for start it. I don't know if it will help someone once I' ll have the info about this lens.

I searched on G....e about it and it seems they dont have anything to show me about. Some results are about 11x14" lenses but I did' nt met the name of my lens in the link I visited.

On the front barrel is marked 21 1/4" Ilex Process Paragon, made in USA, s/n 228. The last number is handwrited. On the back element is another handwrited number: 537.0 the lens max. aperture is f 10 and close to f 90. The lens seems to be coated, with some cleaning marks.

I would like to know more about this lens, the good/ not good points, value, etc. I know it have a huge coverage although I did'nt measured it.

Thanks to all.

7-Jun-2012, 11:27

Dan Fromm
7-Jun-2012, 11:57
https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&as_q=&as_epq=process+paragon&as_oq=lens+ilex&as_eq=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&lr=&cr=&as_qdr=all&as_sitesearch=&as_occt=any&safe=images&tbs=&as_filetype=&as_rights= This search returns more than just ebay listings.

7-Jun-2012, 13:17
A lot of Ilex but not mine. Thanks Dann

John Kasaian
7-Jun-2012, 14:06
I have an Ilex Process Paragon, but a 14" version which is considerably smaller than yours. If the front standard of your camera can handle the wieght and you don't mind working with a barrel lens it should serve you very well. These are sharp lenses and the detail they can record is impressive---not so hot if you want a "soft" look for portraits

Jim Fitzgerald
7-Jun-2012, 18:29
I was fortunate to find one of these gem's brand new in a box for dirt cheap years ago. I use it on my 11x14 and 14x17 and have never ran out of coverage. Beautiful blue coating, great contrast. A great lens. I'll attach a print. No way to tell from the scan but the print is something else if I do say so myself. The image is of two giant Redwoods and you can feel the bark. In part due to the lens and also in part because it is a carbon transfer print. I'll never sell this lens.

7-Jun-2012, 21:27
Thank you John and Jim. I' m feeling happy to have replies from large experience LF users like you. Thanks again.

I think is not a heavy lens. The diameter is 6,5 cm and the height of the barrel measure about 7 cm. I think it weight more and less the same like my Heliar 24 cm mounted in shutter.

The lens comes with a 8x10 Star camera made in New York. I win the auction for 400 usd (camera+lens+some strange screens for the back). The seller told me the camera is part of the equipment of a past Esquire photographer.

The lens was'nt described on the item description, so I received it like a surprise. Actually, the seller forget to put the lens in the same box with the camera and the lens arrived in 5 days at my door. The camera is still on the way although it was sended two weeks before.

I described the lens having some cleaning marks on the front element. It is'nt visible looking the lens from front or side. You can only see it looking from back to a light window. The marks are paralel like a brush stoke. I'm not shure if it's coating marks or scratches. If my description is enough, could you tell me if this issue could affect the image?

I plan to do still life with it and probably wet plate also. 8x10". Is a good idea?

Thanks again for your visit and coments.

John Kasaian
7-Jun-2012, 22:00
Is a good idea?

Jim Fitzgerald's photo should answer that question for you!:) I think it will be a very fine long lens on an 8x10.

Jim Fitzgerald
8-Jun-2012, 05:33
It is a very fine lens. Remember that you will need a lot of bellows shooting still life's with a 21 1/4" lens. At F-10 I'm thinking you will need a lot of light for plate work. The lens is very sharp and generally when I'm working with it I'm at 45-90. Wide open at F-10 it will be interesting. I'm going to have to check. Coverage Like I say is not a problem. A great long lens on the 8x10. As good as if not better than my Artar's.