View Full Version : Korona 5x7 w/Zeiss Tessar 150

Michael McDonald
13-Feb-1999, 18:20
I am considering my first foray into LF photography. My local shop, which featu res 35mm and MF, is selling a used Korona 5x7 woodfield w/Zeiss Tessar 150 lens and 2 film holders @ $599. Bellows does not appear to be original, Grey synthet ic material. All movements are quite smooth and extensive, ground glass, Bellow s, lens, shutter all appear to be in fine functional shape. I am a little perpl exed by vintage and value of subject. The movements are far more extensive than most Korona's I have seen. They include geared front rise and focus as well as front swing and tilt. Rear features geared focus and rear swing. No rear rise . I believe shutter to be Compur, 1-1/300th. I did not note lens speed, perhap s f6.3. Wood appears to be Mahogony w/cherry stain. Most Korona's I have seen in past have much fewer front movements, ie. no front tilt, no geared rise. I h ave considered a Tech iv 5x7, however this seems to offer more value, slightly l ess weight with very little penalty. My useage will be outdoor landscape and st ill life with backpack. Prints will be contacts, thus my desire for 5x7. Anybod y with experience or knowledge of this model? Its vintage? Availability of acc essories? Any thoughts, recommendations are much appreciated.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
13-Feb-1999, 23:09
I'm no Korona mayven, but the movements seem in line with some of the Korona 8 X 10's I've seen, although I can't remember one with front swing, and have seen 'em with rear swing. I can't remember ever seeing one with rear rise. Try contacting Steve Shuart and Ken Hough.

The thing about some of the older camera companies is that model features seem to vary almost at random from year to year, with occassional custom jobs occuring, to the point that saying "I have a Korona" doesn't really mean something the way, "I have a Deardorff", does, if you know what I mean. I'm not talking about quality of construction, just basic similarities from model to model and year to year.

Accessories would be whatever you could find modify or make yourself, or have made by a competant wood worker.

$600.00 with a new bellows and a lens seems reasonable to me. A 4 X 5 reduction back would greatly improove it's versatility and re-sale potential. I only shot Ilford B&W with my 5 X 7, but our esteemed moderator buys 8 X 10 and cuts it down to get more emulsion variety.

There are leagues of difference between the Linhof and the Korona, not really a fair comparison I think.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
30-Mar-1999, 20:53
Feeling kinda guilty here. I hope you haven't bought this setup. I should've qualified my price estimation.

You could quite probably find a similar set-up for less, say $200.00 less, at another camera store, or in Shutterbug, or on the web, etc.

$400.00 for the camera and $200.00 for the lens, or $300.00/$300.00 seems high for the camera in the first, and high for the lens in the second. However, the $600.00 does seem to be about what a retail establishment would ask with a new bellows for something that probably won't fly off the shelf anytime soon. Bare in mind that it's difficult to asses the condition of said gear without actually seeing it.

When all is said and done, it pays to shop around and spend time and money on research, education and patience. There's a lot of used gear out there that shows up at quite good prices from time to time. I always feel like I loose when I purchase from a retailer rather than a person, but with a retailer, there's usually a guarantee/warantee or return policy.