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Jim Bright
30-Jan-2004, 13:48
Greetings, Do any of you use the 210 SS XL. If you do, what is your impression of its performance (weight and size issues aside). I'm aware of the reputation of the other lenses in the series, but haven't seen too many comments about this one. Is its perfomance as impressive in the larger formats as the 110 SS XL is in 4x5-8x10. I'm considering this lens for use with 7x17. My primary interest is shooting black and white. Thanks Jim Bright

Ralph Barker
30-Jan-2004, 16:12
While not exactly the answer you're looking for, Jim, I considered the 210mm SS XL for my 8x10, as I love the 110mm SS XL on 4x5. The size, weight and cost was too much for me, however, and I opted for the 150mm SS XL instead. To my surprise, the 150mm lens on 8x10 gives me almost the same "feel" as 110mm on 4x5, and provides similar optical performance. For your 7x17, you'll have to wait to see if someone else can testify to whether the 210mm is as good as its "little" brothers.

Roger Hein
30-Jan-2004, 16:31

I know someone who has had/used the 210XL on an 8x16 which has roughly the same IC as your 7x17. Coverage with movements was no problem. Prints showed less falloff towards the edges than a comparable 110XL on his 8x10. All in all a very nice lens.

Michael Kadillak
30-Jan-2004, 18:25
Holy Cow Jim, how can you leave weight and size aside? Aside from the fact that this lens will set you back $2,800, this sucker is 4 1/2 pounds and takes a 135mm front filter. It makes a Copal #3 look like a washer for my sink faucet. The thought of that on the front of any camera without serious structure in the standards is flat out scary.

Since you are only shooting B&W (ie. who cares about potential falloff), do yourself a favor and think DAGOR. Save your money for film.

Take the savings and do about four workshops.

Just my $0.02.

Francis Abad
30-Jan-2004, 18:37
For my taste falloff is sloppy work. The 210 XL may be huge but it does the job. It is for me the best 210 out there for those that use film sizes > 8x10. It is a lot of money, but not expensive.

30-Jan-2004, 19:35
The 210 SSXL will cover 7X17 with a lot of movements so if you really need something that wide it is a very good choice. In fact, if stopped down to f/45 or more it will even cover 12X20 with a bit of movement.

Of course, the older 210 Super Angulon will also cover 7X17 with movements so you might also want to consider it because you could buy it for less, though it is even bigger than the 210 SSXL.

With either lense you will really need a center filter for 7X17 because light fall off is substantial. If you don't use the filter you will likely have to do a lot of dodging and burning in printing.

Another choice for 210mm coverage on 7X17 is the 210mm Computar, very small but fairly rare. I have a 300mm Computar for the 12X20 and it is just one gem of a lens.

Michael Mutmansky
30-Jan-2004, 21:47
Sandy mentions the 210 Computar lens, wich is a real sleeper for 7x17, because it is small and light (Copal #1). However, it doesn't have any extra room for movement, and you really have to use the hyperfocal distance with the lens to get reasonable sharpness into the corners. It is useable, however, and will make a great image if you know how to use it to it's fullest.

However, I prefer to move up to the 240 Computar (which is even more rare) as my wide angle for the 7x17. It is a bit heavier (Copal #3), but it has a substantial amount of movement capability with 7x17, so you can use a wider range of f-stops on the lens without as much worry about corner sharpness. But the biggest reason I prefer the 240 is that it has enough coverage to permit rise or fall, which I find completely necessary for the photography I do. If I have to travel light, and I am not shooting architectural subjects, I could take the 210, otherwise, I use the 240.

While the 210 XL will give you room for movements, I don't consider it a suitable lens for any field work due to the size and weight issues, let alone the cost of admission.


David Flockhart
30-Jan-2004, 22:39
I use the 210 on an 8x20 but it doesn't provide for much movement. It is a joy to use it on 8x10 because of the generous movements. I use it in the field all the time. by the way. And filters can be put on the back of the lens (72mm). It is expensive - but worth it.

Ed Burlew
31-Jan-2004, 04:07
I have the 210Xl and use it on wisner 8x10, I shoot color and it is wonderful, I regularly enlarge to 50"x60" and there is no fall off with the center filter, you have to get that!!!!! and the sharpness if top knotch. Yea it is big, everyhting about Large Format is LARGE.. Heh Heh.....

Richard K.
31-Jan-2004, 09:51
David, do you know if there is a 72mm center filter that will fit the back of the lens or do they work better on the front?