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5-Jun-2012, 18:49
I just got (today) a Voigtlander Euryscop 5 and have a few questions for someone familiar with them. First, should the lens elements unscrew from each end like a typical lens of the era? Tried a bit and couldn't budge them, so wanted to be sure I was on the right path. Lenses need some cleaning but appear in excellent shape.

I believe the lens to be a Rapid Rectilinear, (or maybe Extra Rapid based on the 1890 lens catalog) I am gleaning that the 5 is the fourth series and is 17 1/2" covering 11x14. Any details about the date range of manufacture or anything else interesting or useful would be appreciated. My intent is to use on 11x14 for portraits both film and wet plate.

Thank you in advance


Tim Deming
6-Jun-2012, 01:13
you're right, this is an earlier Euryscope Series IV #5. You can date it using the serial number (various tables of Voigtlander serial # vs. dates can be found in this forum or elsewhere online).

Both sets of lenses should unscrew from the barrel, the hood will also unscrew. working slow and patiently you should be able to remove them. By the way, someone has disassembled this in the past, as the barrel is upside down (numbers/letters should be upside down when the lens is upright as in your photo). It does make a small difference --the slot for stops is not exactly in the center of the barrel!



Steven Tribe
6-Jun-2012, 01:52
Just to supplement Tim!
The front lens glass diameter should be 3 1/8" and it is listed for 14x17" coverage.

6-Jun-2012, 03:24
Dates to 1886 +/- 1 year.


6-Jun-2012, 05:06
Thank you all. I will persevere to get it apart and reassemble it inverted as you recommend Tim. Steven, at least I was on the right table in the Voigtlander listing, I was looking at the portrait column. If I look at the other column, I might be tempted to build a 14x17 like Jim F. Very nice to have the date range a little narrowed down, I'll look for the serial number table mentioned.

Steven Tribe
6-Jun-2012, 08:06
Just to anticipate your next questions!

No, there isn't a shutter available which matches the front and rear cells!

This is average brass condition - like most, in other words.

The glass almost always is in better condition.

Waterhouse stops can be made quite easily.

6-Jun-2012, 08:17
I'm seeing a regional trend here. Euryscops are migrating to SE USA. Someone in GA recently posted about one they just received. Now AL. I've got a couple (but none this big) here in TN.
Welcome to the club!

Jim Galli
6-Jun-2012, 09:37
Beautiful lenses! You're lucky to have it. Black meets copper is the threaded joint. I use stuff I buy from the Napa Auto parts store called Rubber Buffer (used in tire repairs) to free up stuck threads. It doesn't attack any of the components and leaves no residue.

6-Jun-2012, 13:27
I bought a great copy of the Voigtlander Portrait Euryscop III F4.5 No.4 10.5" from GSX4 in the for sale area here.
I have it mounted on a Sinar board, though, my Sinar f2 is only 4x5.
Same board I cut a hole in for the Wollensak Soft Focus 12 inch f3.8 Portrait Lens I bought from eddie, also from here.
I need to cut another board, that way both could have their own board.
Need a drill press setup to perform this correctly, hard to hold a drill and 3" hole saw to cut a metal board.
Though, I did the first one from a simple nail together jig, guess I can do another...
I have shot with the Wollensak, but have as yet with Voigtlander.

I'm seeing a regional trend here. Euryscops are migrating to SE USA. Someone in GA recently posted about one they just received. Now AL. I've got a couple (but none this big) here in TN.
Welcome to the club!

Jim Fitzgerald
6-Jun-2012, 18:56
Bill, congrat's. I love my IV Euroscop. Great lens although my is the Hybrid version and is a 20" lens that does not show in the catalog?????? Follow the great advice here and you can't go wrong!

6-Jun-2012, 19:11
Thanks again all. I was able to break the front and rear elements free from the barrel, but couldn't budge the flange or the hood. Soaked the elements in warm water and dishwashing liquid then rinsed and dried. Very nice. Looked like some light cleaning scratches, but nothing that should affect images. Hope to shoot a few ambrotypes with it tomorrow.