View Full Version : big bertha darkroom boombox blue prints

eddy pula
2-Jun-2012, 03:34
I can't remember who told me to pick up a rear projection tv, but thanks, everything I require is in these suckers and they are on every street corner, so this is the edition 1/infinity diy darkroom 2012 boombox edition if that makes any cad design on floppy drive sense. just speaking outloud I hope that is evident ; 0
hope that makes some sense DIYers

eddy pula
2-Jun-2012, 03:35
photos @11pm

eddy pula
2-Jun-2012, 06:29
i picked up a sweeeet sony late 90's one before the big rain storm, I love my little red tacoma, I don't need a big napoleonic black deathstar f350

E. von Hoegh
2-Jun-2012, 08:01

14-Jun-2012, 06:39
Communication is not your strong suit.

20-Jun-2012, 17:35
This shit sounds double plus baller. What it's an enlarger?

Andrew O'Neill
22-Jun-2012, 14:46
So. Where are the photos? Hmmmm?

22-Jun-2012, 16:33
eddy did you used to live in michigan?