View Full Version : Another novice Q: Are 8x10 film holders standard?

Mike Tobias
28-Jan-2004, 22:44
Having recently decided to wet my feet in the world of 8x10, I've found that there are a lot of new things that I need, among them a back for my 8x10 camera (it's a Grover B&J monorail) and film holders. Now it seems implicit to me, from all the discussion on the best film holders and the like, that film holders (and backs?) are all standard. Please excuse my ignorance, but I come from the world of 35mm and MF, where every manufacturer has their own backs/lenses/screens/etc. and virtually nothing is interchangable. Am I missing something here, or are the backs/holders truely interchangable, and I can buy whatever ones I please? Thank you again for all your help.


John Kasaian
28-Jan-2004, 23:03

I think most of the 8x10 film holders you're likely to encounter these days will fit your B&J. B&J marketed holders(thats certainly a safe bet) but Agfa/Anscos, Eastman Kodaks(made by Graflex), Liscos(both wood and newer plastic) and Fidelity(also both the wood and newer plastics) should also fit. FWIW, my preference is for the Eastman Kodak/Graflex 8x10 holders, since the light traps can be unscrewed for cleaning and repairs---a nice option to have when messing about with old, used filmholders.

David A. Goldfarb
29-Jan-2004, 06:04
Welcome to the world of LF. Any lens will work on any camera pretty much, as long as it covers the format and can physically be mounted to a lensboard, and filmholders are standard. I'm fairly sure than any 8x10" filmholder that is not a converted plate holder should be standard, and then even some converted plate holders will still be standard.

Leonard Robertson
29-Jan-2004, 10:45
Mike - As John and David have stated, 8X10 film holders are largely interchangable, unless you get into really old ones. You said you need a back for your Grover. Backs for 8X10 are rather specific to the make/model camera, although it is possible another make back may be found that will fit. A back from a B&J flatbed camera seems most likely. This post: http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=005xYB indicates an Ansco back may work. You may have to find a back that doesn't fit and adapt it. Also, be aware B&J made and sold backs to fit other make cameras, so you might find a back marked B&J that won't fit your Grover. Try contacting the online used LF dealers - Lens&Repro and Midwest Photo come to mind.